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Learn About Comfortable Cowboy Boots for Ladies
Katie talks fit, design, and what to wear with your Chisos ladies' boots!
Thou Shalt Not Cut Corners
Not all cowboy boots are created equal. You instinctually know this, but how are they different? I wanted to know. So I did something a little crazy.
Chisos Launches Small Business Relief Effort
Chisos partners with Found Marketing to launch a campaign benefiting the COVID-19 small business relief effort administered by PeopleFund in Austin.
Austin Monthly: Chisos are the Best Boots in Austin, Texas
We're so excited to share that Chisos has been named the Best Boots in Austin in the 2020 "Best of ATX" issue of Austin Monthly magazine!
The Bootmaking Journey
The Moontower Podcast interviewed Founder Will Roman about his journey to launch Chisos, the craft of bootmaking, and how to navigate the leather capital of the world.
How to Clean & Condition Your Chisos Cowboy Boots
Often new Chisos owners ask what's the best way to take care of their investment, so let's dive into how to properly clean and condition your boots!
Will Cowboy Boots Protect You from Snakes?
We recently received what is probably my favorite customer question ever: "Will your Chisos stop a rattlesnake?" The bottom line: it depends.
Perfect Blend of Old and New: Chisos Boots Review
Cowboy boot aficionado Jeremiah Craig did an extensive, multi-day review of his Chisos boots. Check out the video for the verdict—and clips of chainsaw-wielding artist Raul de Lara.
Help Us Send Mask Covers to Doctors & Medical Staff
Help us supply wearable mask covers to doctors and nurses. Chisos is partnering with Slow North to produce these vital mask covers that extend the usability of the scarce N95 masks that medical professionals are relying on to fight COVID-19.
Chisos Boots Cut-in-Half and Livestream Q&A with the Founder
Learn about boot construction, boot care, the inspiration for the Chisos designs, and more. Thanks to all y'all who stopped by during the very first Chisos live stream! 
The Morning Story: Will Roman, Chisos Boots
Host Craig Flowers shares stories of Texans doing things right on his radio show the High Ground. Chisos Boot Company founder Will Roman was on the show a few months ago and you can listen to it here!
The Texas Exes Alcalde Features Chisos
The University of Texas' alumni magazine features a three-page article on Chisos in the current edition. Founder Will Roman sat down with Danielle Lopez to discuss boots, Texas, and that fateful trip down to Mexico.
The Chisos Origin Story
Founder & Chief Texan Will Roman shares his vision for Chisos! Hear first hand the complete origin story of the company, what Will discovered when cutting open his boot collection, and how the launch party was almost a disaster.
Organizations Doing Right
Do Right, Love Texas. We support those who also endeavor to do right by our great state. To that end, we donate funds as well as cowboy boots to charity auctions for organizations that we think are working hard to make a difference.
Austin Monthly Magazine Features Chisos
Austin Monthly magazine featured 11 "Austin makers you need to know" in this month's issue and included Founder & Chief Texan Will Roman on their list of local creatives. Word is spreading about damn comfortable cowboy boots!
Y'all—2020 is Going to Be Big
Chisos Nation, y'all made amazing things happen in 2019. People love this great state, want to take care of it, and are craving a damn comfortable cowboy boot. The word is spreading. And we're just getting started.
Are Chisos boots really that comfortable, cowboy?

We get a lot of questions along the lines of, "Why are you saying Chisos boots are so damn comfortable?" A fair question, and we're happy to share a little of the journey that produced Chisos.

Why Start a Boot Company?
Founder & Chief Texan Will Roman explains the Chisos mission and our motto: Do Right, Love Texas.
Native Texan Creates Cowboy Boots Inspired by Big Bend
The Chisos Boot Company, a Texan-owned small business, is proud to announce the release of its inaugural line of intricately designed, responsibly sourced cowboy boots.

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