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Leather Balm
Eric Bandholz (Central Jutland)
Best Leather Balm on the market

Stick your fingers in the goop, then run your fingers over your boot. It's a feeling every boot owner will love. Grab yourself a jar, you won't regret it.

Chisos No. 2
Chad R. (Texas)
Chisos No 2 : Well Built

These boots are well made and I believe will break in really nicely and serve me a long time. I am concerned about getting them resoled up to store bought standards when the time comes but I guess will ride that bull (they are made form dairy cows by the way) when I get there. I get a lot of compliments on the look and the rich leather smell. When wearing them all day my feet do get tired so some break in time will need to soften up the leather and mold to my foot but that is how a boot should's not an athletic shoe. I have only worn them 3-4 so it will take a few more wears but I expect them to break in really well. When I tried them on in the store I could immediately tell something was different than any other I had owned before, but you will still need some time to break in. Great job and great small Texas owned business. You will not regret your purchase.

Chisos No. 5
R.R. (Idaho)
Damn Comfortable!!!

When I first saw the price I was skeptical, but after doing some research and watching “The Chief Texan” himself Will Roman (The owner of Chisos boots.) cut open some of his own boots. I thought if he’s willing to show how they are made and how “Thou shall not cut corners”, They must be worth it. And to my amazement they totally are. They look, fit and feel amazing. On that note. Do right, love Texas and buy these beautiful boots already.

Chisos No. 1
A.A. (Texas)
First, but not the last!

The Chisos No. 1 are the finest quality boots you will find that rival some much higher priced brands. The leather is soft and breaks in very nicely in a short timeframe. Within a week my No.1s were fitting like a glove. The shades and contrasts in the Brushed Brown is amazing. Matched with the beautiful artwork on the shaft it is an incredible boot to look at. I already bought some No. 6s which are equally as great and No. 2s are on my short list...

Chisos No. 1
R.H. (Texas)
Great boots

Very well made, great looking and comfortably soft boots! Ordered a half size less than sneakers and the fit great. Too hot to wear jeans right now so limited to wearing them around the house in my skivvies!😄

Chisos No. 6
Mike Larukie (Ohio)
Chisos boots are well made

I own them all .. except the reserves. These boots are very well made. Probably the best you will find. They wear like iron. The problem, if you consider it a problem, is these boots take forever to break in. If you have high arches it’s brutal. I used a boot stretcher on all four pairs. Sizing up is not the answer as the toe box is plenty big. Just know the boots will last. I relate a good pair of boots to a good baseball glove. The better the product the longer they last. The inserts are not bad but love they are removable and customizable.

Chisos No. 6
P.K. (Pennsylvania)
try finding your size, slightly used

This is my 3rd pair of Chisos boots, but my 1st pair of NEW Chisos boots.
Normally, I hold to my hunches and stay at $400 or below for any cowboy/western boot because its a sacrifice; but these Chisos are on a different level and SO hard to find, size and style, on e-bay or elsewhere.
I have over (20) pair of cowboy boots of different brands and types. Most were purchased used and a few custom boots considered even higher end than Chisos, but none are more comfortable or well made than the Chisos. The leather is thicker, the soles are thicker and the insoles on the Chisos boots are the most comfortable, without question. You can tell the owner did design all Chisos boots with that purpose in mind. Style, fit, durability and comfort. Sure I'd like them to be cheaper than $545 but there is an old saying, "you get what you pay for" and considering this, Chisos boots are worth it. Just start saving for your next pair.
I lucked out twice on e-bay to find near-new Chisos boots and I check every day for new listings. You have to if you see them used- they will sell to someone, so move quickly.

Chisos No. 1
Eric M Nelson
Well worth the money!

This is my first pair of Chisos boots. Also my first new Pair of any western style boots or cowboy boots. I have alot of used boots of this style and Chisos are on a different level in my opinion. The text on the box is vary ture, " damn comfortable boots" as Long as you know your size and how wide your foot is, I've found that knowing that is almost more important. I went with Chisos recommendation for my size being it's size 10 D and I went with 9.5 D and they fit perfectly. Over all this is a great company that sells vary high quality boots. Again this is only my opinion. 100% worth the money!

Chisos No. 6
Thomas Hursen (Pennsylvania)
Lots of compliments

Have been wearing these boots (in rough out) for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure I would like ropers but have been loving the style and comfort. I own many pairs of different boots and these get compliments from people every time I wear them.

Comfort Insole - Men's
Joshua Cassano
Amazing comfort

I ordered these to put into some thorogood work boots I got and the comfort is just far above anything else. I’d love to have a pair of Chisos boots but wouldn’t wanna ruin such a nice shoe being a wood worker. Couldn’t recommend anything more.

Athletic Mesh Trucker
Brandon Thole (Texas)
Love this hat

This hat is AWESOME. Super comfortable fit. Even the mesh is really comfortable!! I wear it for long periods of time sweating in the Austin sun and it still looks good as new! Thanks Chisos!

Chisos No. 2
Shawn Keller (Colorado)
A hit with one miss

Apologies for a little lengthy review and one that could be tightened up some.
After watching youtube reviews and reading others reviews of these boots, I thought these would be a hit. They almost are. I looked at the front of each and both profiles and thought these were beautiful boots. I failed to view from the rear before deciding to wear them and work on breaking them in. When I got home and took them off, I took a look from the rear. Both heels skew the same direction, to the right. The skew is caused by whomever did the final shaping not ensuring proper balance. I don't think this pair should have passed quality control, especially at this price.
Alas, I wore them for two days and got the sole good and scuffed and am stuck with misshapen heels until they need a resole.
I bought these 1/2 size larger (11.5D) since they were not "wide square toe." For my feet, that was a good choice. I'm just shy of a wide width in my toe area, but usually stay away from wider footwear as the heel box tends to be a little too wide. Length, perfect for me.
I have some foot problems in that I don't like too soft of a footbed. running shoes aggravate my feet. I prefer less "squish" to a leather insole like in some other boot brands. I also have high arches with my right instep being a little taller than my left. With the shipped insoles, there was too much pressure on my right instep. Numb big toe. I put an insole in that I prefer that was also a little thinner than that which came with the boot. That made the boot fit my feet unbelievably well without being to soft that it makes my feet sore.
Aside from the few adjustments I made as I don't think trying a different size would have fixed the fit for me. My preferred insoles make the boots fit wonderfully. They are extremely comfortable and I would say one of the most comfortable pair of boots I have.
I would love a pair of round toe boots, but am not sure how I would have to size them as my feet are more square. I guess the boots would need to be leaning more toward a Roper type toe.
I have have included pictures of the heels, the left boot is worse, but both skew that same direction.
Would I recommend? With reservation. At the price of these boots, inspect them with a fine toothed comb from every angle to ensure they are up to the quality of higher end brands. You are paying a lot for what should be near perfection in a boot. Again, I missed looking at the heels before deciding to wear. These should have been rebranded factory seconds or new heels put on if going out to a customer with these heels.
The box they come in, the cloth bags for each boot, coozy, stickers, hand written note are all a great touch.
Comfort: They may be one of the most comfortable boots you'll find if you require that running shoe feel. For me, my adjustments made these extremely comfortable for my feet shape and feet problems. If they were tighter with just the leather footbed, I would ditch the insole altogether, but they are designed to have some sort of insole.
The rest of the build (minus heels): a beautiful boot with a wonderfully soft leather that make for a boot that could be your new favorite.
I still would encourage you to buy/try these boots and give them a critical inspection to make sure they are up to the quality of the $500+ you are going to be spending.
I scuffed the soles, I will wear them. They are very comfortable.
The heels are what leads me to give them 3 stars. It's a "once you see it, you cannot unsee it" in person kind of thing. Had they been properly shaped, I would definitely have given 5 stars. I won't count my insole mods as that is specific to me. I have to pretty much do that with any boot that isn't the built in leather insole like in my Lu***se or my Ju***n.

Belt - Cowhide
Dale Newberry (Texas)
Money well spent

These belts are the real deal. I’m of the belief you get what you pay for, and these are no doubt something you can pass down through maybe even generations. Thanks for making such a great product…

Chisos No. 2
Brian Martin (California)

I’m coming back for the brown ones next!

Chisos No. 6
D.B. (Maryland)
My first cowboy boots!!!

I’ve mostly worn boots like Alden Indy’s and Viberg Service Boots over the years but I have an all new fascination with cowboy boots thanks to Chiso’s!!! They are so easy to slip on, are super stylish, and have plenty of attitude!! The roughout is so easy to pair with denim and even give me an added boost in height. I stand a lot throughout the day and I find leather soles are super supportive and breathable. I agree with other reviewers about not sizing down. I went true to size and am very happy with the fit, I have a high volume foot and I can see how going down a half size would have caused instep pain and/or pressure at the toe due to the tapered toe shape. The insert is super thick and comfortable as well, 10/10!!!! YouTube video placeholder
Chisos No. 5
Paul Lister (Alberta)
Bubbles in my beer

My idea of a perfect day is wearing dirty Chisos rough-outs while watching a Texas sunset with an old dog, older truck and Bob Wills singing “bubbles in my beer”.

Chisos No. 6
William Siorakes (Ohio)

Beautiful boots you can ware all day.

Chisos No. 5
Steven Chung (Seoul)
Best darn boots

Hello from Seoul, Korea! I ordered the no. 5s and they fit like a glove straight from the box. The quality and craftmanship is second to none. The cushioning makes them feel more comfortable than any running shoes. I suggest ordering a half size smaller.

Chisos No. 1
N.P. (North Carolina)
Exactly what I was looking for

After doing some online research for a pair of boots, I discovered the Chisos brand, and I’m glad I did. My #1 boots in brushed brown came in yesterday and they have exceeded my expectations. The overall appearance, fit, comfort, and build construction are top notch. The packaging and presentation you receive is also a step above most others. I can’t wait to start wearing these boots and see how they age with time. Well done Chisos!

Chisos No. 6
Dalton S (Florida)
Fantastic everyday boot

The Chisos no 6 have been a fantastic purchase and by far the most comfortable boot I’ve owned. The brushed brown color is fantastic and looks even better with every scratch it gains! The no 6 was perfect for me due to the shorter heel! Will definitely be buying from Chisos again.

Chisos No. 3
Bethany Blume (Montana)
Danced all night

Got these in the nick of time before my 50th birthday bash. Took a chance and wore them for 5 hours straight with a lot of dancing. Yeah, my feet hurt by hour 4. Took them off at hour 5. But NO BLISTERS. I am sure once they are truly broken in I will be able to wear them all day. Would absolutely buy again, but these are made so well I probably won't have to! Plus they are so pretty.

Would give a 10 if I could!

Chisos No. 2
Branch Cower (South Carolina)
Best boot I’ve ever owned!

I can’t say enough good things about this boot. I was a little hesitant about spending over $500 for a cowhide boot. Once I watched Will’s video when he cut open the boot, and showed how the boot was made, and the materials it was made with, I was sold! I could tell he really was trying to make an amazing boot. When I put them on my feet, I knew! By far the most comfortable boot I’ve ever put on my feet. I own Lucchese, Black Jack, Anderson Bean, Tony llama, Rujo, Justin, Ariat, Tecovas, and other brands throughout the years. I’ve been wearing these all day for the past few weeks. No pain, and they can take a beating. I’ve never owned a cowboy boot that is made the traditional way (the best way), and feels like a Nike air max on my feet. Crazy!

Chisos No. 2
Douglas Walker (Texas)
Impressive pair of boots

These boots are by far the most comfortable boots that I've owned. The quality of the material is superb and the fit is spot on. I will definitely be purchasing another pair in the future. Thanks Chisos.

Leather Balm
Dan McElroy (Texas)
Unlimited Uses

All the reviews agree that this is great for maintaining or reconditioning Chiso's boots, but it's also a great treatment and conditioner for the leather interior of my Porsche. Deep conditioning is vital, especially in Texas summers. This works tremendously well.

Chisos No. 2
B.M. (Ohio)
Get some

Get them. You won’t regret it. I’m coming back for the brown No 2’s next