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Luxury feel

I recently ordered a No. 5 and a Lucchese at the same time. In terms of packaging the Chisos was much nicer with a luxury feel. Even with the boots, the fit and finish and feel on foot was better with the Chisos. Luv the No. 5's. Can't keep from staring at them. Would love a B size.

Comfort, style, and durability.

I love wearing western boots, but before getting a pair of Chisos boots it was always painful to wear even my most worn in boots all day. My pair of No. 2 with the square toe box were immediately comfortable when I tried them on in store and have only gotten better. After only a few hours they began to form to my foot and break in. I love low key look of the boot paired with the intricate detail of the stitching on the shaft, which also helps to keep its form. I simply love wearing these boots and have also purchased a pair of the No. 5 because I love rough out leather. Cannot wait until the no. 1 in my size are in stock to round out my collection. I love supporting a Texas company, and with the quality of their products Chisos, makes it an easy decision to invest in boots I plan on wearing for many years to come.

The Wait Was Wirth It

Quality & comfort throughout. These became my favorite as soon as I put them on! I can't wait for my next pair.

Great again.

So i bought the EE first because i wanted a brown number1. But secondly the fit of my black number1 is snug but not fully broken in so there was some pain in right foot. The fit on the EE is good but ive hsve come to the realization that my left and right just aren't close. Left foot feels a tad to wide, right foot feels better. To be honest i think the fit of the d number 1 will be best once i beat the crap out of them.

Gift for my wife

Great pair of boots.

Best boots

These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. I will definitely buy a second pair.

Love the No. 5s!!!

These boots look and feel fantastic! Chisos is my only boot from here on out!

Sizing on No.2s

Great boots but wish I would have went a half size smaller. I ordered a 10 and there was a little to much foot movement in the boot. I needed the boots and didn’t want to send back so just used a thicker sock and they fit great.

Really Comfortable Boot

I am new to Chisos, but not boots, as I have a dozen pair and wear boots everyday to work. I knew as soon as I opened the boots that these were not just another pair of boots, but well made boots. The fit and finish are amazing. They size exactly as advertised . The box they ship in will provide great long life storage with the boot bags included. I am very pleased !

Back Again!!!

These are my second pair of Chisos and my feet have fallen in love again 😂

Great Belt

Love the belt. It fits well and I wear it every day. Great customer service.

Very comfortable Boots

I loved them so much I bought a pair of #5's, love those just as much, very comfortable right out of the box. Thanks.


I love these boots. However, I am having trouble with the left boot not stretching enough. It causes some discomfort. Otherwise, I love them.


I was wondering how comfortable they would be. And wondering if the cost would be worth it.

Totally impressed with everything, the boots are so well crafted. My justin bent rail boots don’t even come close.

Thanks so much

Looking forward to a #2 chisos

Best boots I’ve owned to date

The experience at Chisos for the fitting was outstanding—they made me feel at home. Purchased the No. 1 and No. 5 boots because they are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned, including pairs from other over-counter & custom brands sold around Austin. These take the cake! Hats off to the team at Chisos for making a fantastic product and for providing excellent service! Cheers y’all!


Loving my new boots !!

Top notch durability and looks

These boots hit that fine line between being durable and being absolutely gorgeous. The photos don’t do it justice, in person the tan rough-out keeps the boots looking good fresh out of the box and beaten up, paired with the white stitching and the snip toe the boot is really eye catching. Chisos really nailed this pair and I can’t stress how good their customer service is.

Nice boots, but I think the sizing and fit is off a good bit

I have had my eye on the chisos no 5 since they came out. I was finally able to get a pair, and they are nice but the fit is way off. I have 10 other pairs of cowboy boots, and all of them are 9d or 9EE. I ordered these chisos in 9d, and I could tell as soon as I put them on they were way too tight in the instep. So I sent those back and exchanged them for a 9 1/2, I tried those on, and they were snug but I just figured that was because they were new. I have worn them for a days days now, and they are not comfortable at all due to the tightness on the instep. The insole is comfortable, and the length and width are good, but the instep is very tight, to the point of being uncomfortable. That being said it’s just really disappointing to hear so many good things about chisos, and then get a pair and have this bad experience. The only issue is the fit. Everything else with the boots is great, but if the boot is uncomfortable nothing else matters. At this point I’m not even sure what I can do since I’ve already been wearing them. Hopefully they will break in better, or else I will have to try to sell them and probably loss a lot money on them.

Won’t be my last pair!

Absolutely amazing quality, fit and comfort level is second to none. I was leery of the insole as I love traditional leather however it’s apparent Chisos did their research. The insole makes extended wear (14+ hours a day) seem like you’re wearing slippers. The craftsmanship and finishing touches are outstanding. Love the fact that they are a small US business and included a personalized note with my boots. Their snip toe design is beautiful. Cant wait to see what models they bring out in the future!

The best!

I love these boots. The best boots I have. I have been looking for the perfect pair for over 10 years!!! And finally found them!

Picked up in Austin

Love these boots. Instant favorites.

Haven’t taken them off since I got’em

Hey guys, I just have to say these are far and away the best boots I’ve ever owned (#2’s). They’re comfortable right out of the box and only get better as I wear them. The quality is obvious once you actually get to see them. On another note, I want to thank you for your customer service. I originally got a half size too big. I ended up sending them back on a Friday afternoon and had my new pair on Tuesday. I can’t recommend these boots highly enough. Thanks again Will and Christian!

Great Boots!

As the title says these are great boots! I have the #2s in brown and everything arrived in great shape and in quick time. I’m 10-12ish hours of actually wearing these boots around not counting just around home and they are almost broken in to my liking.
I highly suggest Chisos Community on Facebook, there are some very informed people on there. Again, these are great boots and I’m very satisfied. I look forward to my next pair (fingers crossed for FQ Ostrich someday)!

Great Boots

My #2s are fitting better everyday and they look awesome. And they get noticed, I had two guys ask about them at church the other day. They are my go to boots.

Most comfortable boots for plantar fasciitis

I two step multiple times a week and these boots are the most comfortable I've found for plantar fasciitis and nerve pain. I'll never wear another brand.