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Best boots I have owned

These were love at first try on. Not only do they have the perfect look. They are extremely comfortable! Easily the best boots I have owned!

Love these boots!

I cannot believe how comfy these boots are! I’ve been wanting boots for awhile and when I saw the article in the Alcalde I thought I’d take a chance. They did not disappoint! I can’t wait until social distancing is over so I can wear them more!

Love them...i will buy again.

Best boots ever!

I love the design and feel of these boots. There is so much detail that shows the craft and quality behind it all. I'll wear them proudly for years to come!

Damn good boots!

Love my chisos so much! Most comfortable boots ever. Love the vision of Will and his team. The Chisos mountains are my favorite place and Chisos boots are hands down my favorite boots!

If you have to take them off...

A cool-looking, practical way to get out of your Chisos until you’re ready to reboot.

Great Product and Customer Service

I purchased the Texas Boot Jack as a gift and it was a hit! From start to finish, a great experience doing business with Chisos! Many thanks!

Love my Chisos NO.1

Love my Chisos NO.1 they are the most comfortable boot I own. Will definitely be a life long customer of this great company.

Very comfortable!

Once you wear them enough to allow the boots to conform to the individual contours of your foot the boots are extremely comfortable.

All Day Tripping And the Dogs Don't Bark

I wear a lot of boots while day tripping through the small towns of Texas. I think I've worn almost every brand. These are the most comfortable cowboy boots I've ever worn. The insole is a game changer. I stay in them all day and my feet keep tripping. After a full day of walking around, old timers in Texas will say "My Dogs Are Barking" meaning their feet are worn out. Well, my dogs stay happily asleep all day.

Best boots I've owned!

These boots (Men #1) look great, fit great and feel great! I've gotten nothing but rave reviews from my friends and co-workers about these boots. Also, Will, the owner, worked with me to get them shipped overseas since I am in the military stationed outside the U.S. I am a Chisos boots fan!

Perfect everyday boot

These are perfect for the hipster Austin cowgirl on the go! These look nicer than a work boot, but are much more comfortable than a dress boot. I think these boots plus black skinny jeans are my new work uniform!

Great boots

I bought the Chisos #2s and they and was totally blown away by the comfort and quality of these boots. What people need to know is that you cannot compare these to other cow hide boots that are in the $200 or so price point, These boots, the hides they are made from and the quality of the workmanship are worth every penny, In my 62 yrs I have owned many pairs of boots and only one pair I had were as comfortable as these and those were a Dan Post calfskin boot, but the leather was so soft and THIN I had to be very careful when I wore them, or they would get a nick in the leather. The Chisos boots hides are just as soft but are also thick and tough and can be worn with no worries. Save up and buy Chisos, you won't regret it, and if you do have a problem, Will and his staff will take care of it.

Most comfortable boots I've owned.

In addition to comfort, I've also gotten a ton of compliments on them. I might need a second pair!

These boots will last a lot longer than I will!

I’ve never worn a more comfortable pair of shoes. The fit is perfect (particularly around the “toe box”). They’re great looking (strangers have asked about the cool red stripe on the heel), solidly built and rugged. This is my new standard for boots. Just make sure you’ve got someone to leave them to!

These boots were made for walking

I wear nothing but cowboy boots every day for my demanding work building stages at music concerts. Many days I walk over 35,000 steps, so my boots better be damn comfortable. These boots knock it out of the park in that regard.

Before my Chisos, I wore a pair of Ariat work boots that did the job, albeit with some complaints. But these Chisos are on a whole other level. As soon as they arrived, I put them on and they were 100% broken in with zero discomfort. I've since worn them every single day for the past three months and have never experienced a more comfortable boot or shoe. As someone who's dealt with foot paint my entire life due to a flat foot, this is an immense relief.

You can look online as to whether they're your style or not, and the quality construction methods are clear to see. But the biggest unknown when trying new footwear is the comfort. Rest assured, Chisos gets it right. Chisos boots are the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn. Nothing, not sneakers or anything else comes close. I wear them every day, and expect to continue doing so for many years.

Great Boots

I now have my first pair of Chisos boots as well as my first pair of square toes. I own a number of different boot brands including custom and by far, these Chisos are the most comfortable and stylish boots I’ve ever had on my feet. I don’t see me ever buying any other brand of boot. Thank you Chisos.

Good looking and super comfy!

Great looking boots that can be dressed up for important meetings or casual. Comfy all day long. Love the boots!

Love My Chisos

I wasn’t looking for a pair of boots.

After all, I had just recently bought a pair of a well known brand, known for their comfort. I spent some time trying to find a pair that fit right, and looked good.

I was moderately happy.

I then stumbled upon a twitter debate regarding who makes the most comfortable boot, where one of the participants expounded on about this new Austin Boot Maker - Chisos Boots.

As luck would have it, I was able to catch a pop up later that week to see them for myself. I pulled out a pair of Chisos No. 2’s, and they were gorgeous. Deep brown, with a rich patina that accentuated it’s classic look.

The quality and craftsmanship was obvious, soft supple leather inside and out, that literally fit my foot like a glove. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever put on my foot. Since my initial test drive, I have had the great pleasure of standing in these boots all day, with no complaints from my feet. I liked them so much, I went back to that pop up 45 minutes later to buy a pair for my wife.

In the weeks after buying my boots, I’ve continued to follow the company, and seeing their commitment to just doing what is right both socially as well as in boot making, I can’t help but to be proud to be a customer and pulling for the success of this little startup from Austin.

I wasn’t looking for a pair of boots, but I’m glad I found my Chisos.

Chisos #1

These are the most supportive and comfortable cowboy boots I've ever owned. I wear them so often I'm worried I'm going to wear them out!

Best boots ever

I’ve worn boots all my life. I’ve loved even those that have hurt my feet - which you simply come to expect for the fist several months. Not Chisos, the soles are unique. The craftsmanship is exquisite. I’ve spent many times more, never this level of quality. I want more!

Admittedly, I'm ChisosGodfather, but I woiuldn't write this if it wasn't true.

Super Comfortable Boots

I have been wearing my Chisos for about a month and they are definitely the most comfortable boots I have worn. They are well made and I have gotten several compliments on them. I’m going to buy a pair of #2s soon.

I love my new boots!!

The leather is so comfy and these are the best boots I’ve ever owned!

An Amazing Boot

My #1's arrived today. They are the only Chiso boot I own and I couldn't be happier with them. They fit better than my Lucchese and Tecovas boots. They are comfortably snugger and the arch support makes my other boots seem like there's none. It took me a while to "pull the trigger" on these boots because of the price point, but I'm glad I did. They're worth it. The only downside is now I'm jonesing for some #2's. And, BTW, Will's personal involvement with this sale was welcomed and unexpected.

Smart Looking and Very Comfortable

My title says it all.