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Boot Jack
Thomas G Mitchell (Tennessee)
Simplicity at its best

Well crafted with quality, easy to use and magical for removing your boots without bending over. A must purchase. I have two of them and one was given to my son as a gift.

Chisos No. 2
James Oester (Maryland)
Chisos No. 2

Love 'em. Took a couple of hours to do the break in -- but now, pull 'em on and go. Looking forward to my next pair of Chisos. Thanks for great boots.

Chisos No. 1
David Taitano
Chisos #1 Black Boots

Just tried them on for the first time and it’s everything that everyone’s been raving about. I love them. I’m a size 9.5 and I ordered that size and they fit perfectly. I definitely will order fro Chisos again

Chisos No. 2
Kirk Mastin (Washington)
Real quality & beautiful

I’ve never owned better made footwear of any kind. Not many things in life are made to such a high standard. Loved these so much I bought them in black too!

Chisos No. 1
Alex F (Western Australia)
Cowboy Boots No.1

I’m loving my new Chisos cowboy boots No.1. They came all the way to my home in Perth Australia beautifully and securely packaged.
Aussies in cities don’t often rock cowboy boots but I just love them and wear them whenever I can. Even just around the home - as they are so very comfortable. The fit is a bit on the generous size especially since I have a narrow foot, and a thick sock helps. I recommend Chisos as they are extremely high quality and I would buy again. Thank you 🤠

Chisos No. 2
Gary Enger (Colorado)
Chisos a little tight

I bought the boots based on my count shoe size and previous boot size. While soles are comfy the forefoot is tight like a firm handshake. I am hoping that wearing them around the home will break them in so I can debut and wear them in public.

Chisos Red™ T-Shirt
Kevin Russell (South Holland)
Awesome T-shirt

Very soft and comfortable t-shirt. Looks and fits great! Just an awesome t-shirt altogether.

Chisos No. 6
Edward (Virginia)
Incredible boots!

My son bought a pair of Chisos after working and saving his money. His grandmother then treated him to a pair of No. 6 Roughouts and he loves them. Great quality and superior craftmanship. He says they are incredibly comfortable.

Chisos No. 2
Abraham (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Great Boots!!

I received my No.2's few days ago and I'm absolut thrilled.
Super quality and very comfortable!
Thanks Chisos!

Chisos No. 5
S.D. (Texas)
1 year review. Worse quality than tecovas at twice the price.

Howdy, y'all, I hate to write this review but it is the truth and I hold that to the utmost standard. My chisos No. 5 have been a disaster since the beginning. I bought them as a special birthday gift to myself as a boot enthusiast for over 5 years and was bitterly disappointed. I wore the first pair that I got everywhere. For only a couple of weeks, two, until the outsole started to come apart from the welt completely. Not only that, but I also had stitching from a pull strap come completely undone. All this within a couple of weeks on an almost 600 dollar pair of boots!!!! I emailed chisos this and they sent me a new pair. This was awesome! Their customer support beat my expectations. They offered to send me a new pair of boots! Behold... the second pair of Chisos faired much worse. Through less wear, the soles have come completely apart from the welt. It is worse on the old pair than on the new pair! Although this review may be late, it is a genuine, unfiltered, experience of owning a 600 dollar (more these days with tax) pair of chisos boots. For anyone planning on wearing their chisos hard and as they're meant, please memorize the chisos customer support email and phone line. Thank you- Seamus Dewane, Boot enthusiast. (below are pictures of both boot failures in chronological order.)

Chisos No. 2
Newman (Tennessee)
Great boots!

I love my Chisos #2 in brushed brown. The more I wear them the more comfortable the become. I'm glad I went with Will's advise to size down a half size from my athletic shoes. My only problem is having the patience to save up to buy another pair!

Chisos No. 4
Sanne Westera - Hooves Around The World (South Holland)

Absolutely love my new boots! (no. 4) They not only look fantastic but they are great for work too - have been wearing them daily since they arrived!

Leather Balm
Chris Garner (Pennsylvania)
Very Nice

This is the best leather conditioner/balm I’ve ever used “Great Product “

Chisos No. 2
Denis Smith (California)
Best fitting boots ever

I’ve had my brushes brown #2a for about a month. Love em. No pain with break in and now are starting to look like proper boots with lines and crinkles that a well broken in pare of boots get. Wear them every day and love em.

Chisos No. 4
Sandy (Tennessee)
Insanely comfortable and gorgeous

These boots were a Mother’s Day gift from my husband and kids. He has several pairs of Chisos and always comments on how comfortable they are. These are my first and I understand now why he’s been raving about them for so long.

Chisos No. 2
CW (Illinois)
Best made boot since the 90’s but don’t fit my feet.

Very well-made Boot. The leather thickness is excellent. The leather quality is great. Sole is thick. Best pair of boots built since the 1990s. The cushion inserts are nice! Now for the con, The damn things don’t fit my damn feet. The vamp is way too low. I’ve stretched them for six days and they still hurt my feet. I’ve stretched them so much the leather is about ready to tear. It’s only the vamp part that doesn’t fit my feet. As far as the fit to the bottom of my foot, they’re about as perfect as you can get. For 500 bucks, I will stick with my Durango and Dan Post. At least they still fit my feet without any modifications and half the price.

Chisos No. 2
Shaun L (Alabama)
Damn good boots

I had to size up a half size, and it took about a week to stretch in the instep. After the “break in,” these boots are definitely worth the money. 14-15hrs without foot or back pain. They look great, and I’ve had people stop me and ask what boots they were. Saving for another pair in black

Leather Balm
jeffrey wommack (North Carolina)
Leather care

This stuff works great. Rejuvenates leather and you just have to use it on your boots.

Chisos No. 1
John Lowenthal (Missouri)
Boot making as an art form

I have three pair of Chisos. Two pair of number one and one pair of number two. Seems that I am a bit partial to the number ones but they all represent boot making at the highest level. At present, I’m trying to decide which style to buy next in rough out.

Chisos No. 1
Paulo Arturo. (Mexico City)

The boots are amazing, they are as comfortable as they are advertised. Since the first time you are wearing them, you can feel the quality of the leather and all the materials.

Camo Relaxed Trucker
C.Alexander (Texas)
Best hat ever

Love this hat it’s comfortable. It’s soft. It’s not rigid it mold to your head very nice and it’s comfortable to wear all day. I wish it had a better quality backstrap maybe a leather strap or fitted hat anyways it’s a nice hat.

Chisos No. 1
Seth S. (Ohio)
Back at it again with the Chisos

After a year of owning (and loving) my Chisos #2, I made the decision to order my second pair. This time around I went with the #1s in brushed brown (and the matching belt). Stepping into these boots for the first time reminded me all over again why I fell in love with these boots to begin with. The comfort is unmatched in a cowboy boot. These bad boys fit exactly how you want a boot to fit, and for me, run true to size. After wearing them for a few days (and getting plenty of compliments on them) I'm only more excited to keep breaking them in. Color was a bit darker than I was originally anticipating, but that's no big deal. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to continuing my Chisos collection.

Chisos No. 5
John P (Tennessee)
Not as good as I had hoped

The insole pushed your foot forward in the toe of the boot and this does not fit like a normal cowboy boot unfortunately

Chisos No. 2
Leroy Browne (New Providence District)
Fantastic Boots

Quality craftsmanship and comfort. These boots are great to wear and look great too.

Chisos No. 1
Cameron L. (Texas)
Great boots

Haven't had any boots since high school. I have a high arch/instep and most slip ons just hurt. I decided to give the Chisos a try and don't regret anything. Extremely comfortable, look great, I wear em almost every day. Damn good boots.
- a Texan