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Chisos No. 1

Absolutely love these boots, very comfortable and I've gotten a lot of compliments.

Women's #4

Love my Chisos boots ! Most comfortable boots and beautiful. I can dress up or dress down. My husband said they're a beautiful work of art. Thank you Will!

Beautiful Boots

I love the rough out color but my husband doesn’t like it, and he only likes the pointy toe so I will have to return until a black pointy toe that isn’t cayman skin becomes available.

Best Birthday Gift Ever

Excellent boots. Love the styling and comfort. Superb material and quality. My wife and kids hit a home run with the best birthday gift ever. Thank You.

Chisos #2

Arrived promptly. Beautifully made and comfortable out the box! Had question that was answered via phone call by a person, not a machine! Great product, great customer service!!!

Perfect fit

Plan on wearing them a lifetime

First Pair Of Cowboy Boots

It took me a long while, probably more than a year, to finally purchase my first pair of cowboy boots. I watch a lot of YouTube reviewers and found some reviewing cowboy boots and I got interested. When Jeremiah Craig raved about how good these boots were, and that they were worth way more than the price tag, I felt comfortable taking a serious look.

I love the story about how they are made more traditionally to help them be more durable, and that effort was made to try something different than using calves that are bred only for their leather. It helps that Will is just so damn likeable! I could watch videos of him telling the Chisos story for hours!

I like supporting companies I believe in and it helps when their product it top notch. I look forward to purchasing my second pair of cowboy boots, and I would bet they'll be another pair of Chisos.

Chisos No. 2
Nigh Perfect

I was stunned by the boot, they really were comfortable and beautiful to look at. But boots are made for wearing.

To be completely honest(coming from a Texan buying his first pair of cowboy boots), I felt like the shaft was really wide. I'm aware they shouldn't be skin tight, but the shaft felt a little floppy like a rain boot despite the vamp fitting snug. And given that the sole and heel have a nice height to it, I felt that the shaft could benefit from being a little bit taller as well. I tried the No. 1 as well after exchaging the No. 2's.

Once again, great customer service. Thanks y'all for the chance to try on your work!


Great Pairing

The roughout belt is a great match for my roughout boots. Solid buckle and nicely finished backing are quality touches.

Best. Boots. Ever.

I had a lot of hesitance to purchase these due to price. I did tons of research and eventually decided to go for it. My deepest regret is not getting these sooner. The look: simply amazing. The magic black is truly magical, with lots of luster and shine fresh out of the box. I love the red accent on the heel, gives it a Knight Rider look (Thanks to another Chisos owner, I had dubbed these the KITT boots) . The lining is very soft and comfortable, right from the minute you open them up. Now the big boom: the comfort. Simply amazing. It takes time to get used to it, because you just can't understand why no one else has thought of this. The arch support, and cushioning of the insole is unreal. You almost feel sore from how much support there is... and when you try on another boot, the first thing that you miss is the comfort of the Chisos. I've been wearing mine every day since I've bought them, and that comfort only gets better as they break in. A tip: I would recommend sizing down a 1/2 size. They will fit snug when you try them, but they immediately start to break in very nicely. A small, and very small con is that the leather lining of the insole is a bit slippery just at first, but eventually stops and your foot conforms to that lining. Will from Chisos was very helpful and friendly to answer questions, and even went out of his way to ship the boots about an hour after I had ordered them. Talk about GREAT customer service. I only have great things to say about Chisos. And if the price point is what's holding you back, just TRY them, and you'll see. Now I see what all the hype is about. And it was right on point. These boots are everything but dissapointing. I'll say it again. Best. Boots. Ever. Thanks Chisos!!! (Future returning customer for a pair of #1's in brown )

Belt pairs perfectly with my #2s!

I struggled to find a belt that lived up to the quality, color and presentation that is my Chisos #2s. This belt is the perfect partner and a great belt for any occasion.

Amazing Boots!!!

Hands down the best boots I’ve ever owned!

Chisos #2

The Chisos #2 are b-e-autiful. I’m new to cowboy boots and only have two pair, out of the two the chisos are definitely the nicest looking and comfortable. Almost zero break-in time, the red leather lining makes they look even better. I didn’t know if I would like the removable Insole at first but it’s great and you get used to it quickly. I’d love to try the brown round toe eventually. The heel counter is thick leather all the way. So the heel isn’t a flimsy one you can compress. I say the boot is Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Bill Nye the science guy. Last words the chisos #2 is built tough.

#5’s are my #1 - Most Comfortable Boots I Own!

Man, the more I wear these #5’s, the more I love the hell out of them!!! They are the most comfortable boots I own. I love my #1’s and they are comfie but these 5’s are otherworldly!

Chisos hat

Love it fits amazing good for a guy with a big head

Love the boots very comfortable

The best.

Very rare that you can slip on a boot and hit the ground running as well as you can in these. Most comfortable boot I own out of my collection. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

Great quality

Impressed thus far with these boots. Have a few custom pairs, and Chisos hold their own.

Great pair of boots

Love my Chisos No 2. While this is my first Chisos pair, they fit great (did not have to break them in) and are some of the most comfortable boots I ever had. Wonderful purchase.

Love them.

Awesome Boot

Super comfortable and good looking. I have a squeaky heel on the left boot but doesn’t matter. It’s still the best boot I’ve ever had.

Great boots

These are a great pair of boots. I own several pairs of well known brands and I can tell these Chisos are a step above them in materials and build quality. Would definitely consider buying again in future.

The #2’s are now my new #1’s

Zero break in and comfy as heck. I own several pairs of Lucchese and Steel Toe Ariats for work and these boots are the most practical everyday boot. The thing I hate the most about wearing boots is the loud clanking from the soles, the Chisos boots are practically silent, no clue how that’s possible but it’s great. They present like Horesman boots but wear like Barn Boots.

I’m Cobbler Maddox

Love it

Love them

I have both 1&2 in brush brown yes I know the same color but they are different In so many ways!! Man I love chisos I can’t go to any thing else