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DRLT Burnt Orange T-Shirt
Shane ImI (Arkansas)
Very nice shirt

As a longhorns fan this is one of my favorite shirts, very soft and very high quality!

King Roper
Stuart B (Oregon)
Crazy Comfortable Out Of The Box

These are my first pair of Chisos boots, and were a “pre 60th” birthday present from my wife, along with a matching Chisos belt and a Vogt Silversmith’s sterling buckle.

The comfort out of the box was nothing like I’ve experienced in any other brand of cowboy boot I own, or have owned over the years. That includes 2 current pair of Lucchese, many Noconas, Mercedes’ of Rios, Justin’s etc over my near 6 decades. At this point, I only have 3 full days of wearing them on a long weekend getaway, but the trip involved a lot of walking on concrete sidewalks and fancy pathways. I experienced zero break-in issues such as hot spots, rubbing sores, or anything else that usually comes with the break-in of traditionally made cowboy boots.

One other observation I’d like to mention is the ostrich hide itself. I have another pair of full quill ostrich boots from Lucchese, though it’s only the vamp and counter, not the shaft. The hide that these Chisos boots were made from is noticeably thicker, and yet just as soft and supple as my Lucchese’s. Hopefully, that means they won’t stretch and loosen as much as my Lucchese’s have. Time will tell…

Based on my initial impressions of the comfort and quality of these King Ropers, I have a pair of No. 1’s in roughout leather on the way to replace my current daily wear farm boots. I can’t wait to long term test them in non dress-up dirty life mode.

Belt - Cowhide
texscot (Texas)
Perfect in every way

I love this belt. It is attractive, matches my boots, has a silver buckle (which I prefer), is well made and strong while remaining flexible (not stiff). I could not be happier with my belt.

Chisos No. 1
Matt (Arizona)
Solid product from a solid company

Excellent quality and comfort boots from a company with equally excellent customer service. This was my first pair of Chisos (no 1 in black), but it definitely won’t be the last.

Chisos No. 1
John Clift (Ohio)
Very nice fitting boots

They broke is quickly. Comfortable all day boots.

Chisos No. 2
Michael Curry (Minnesota)
First pair of quality boots

This is my first pair of “real” boots. I’ve had cheap boots from China but nothing compares to the quality of these boots.

First I want tell you why I purchased boots from Chisos. I had been researching a nice pair of boots for a few months and came across Chisos during my search. My initial intention was to buy American but a couple of things pulled me toward Chisos. For one the quality shown in multiple videos was unreal, especially the video in which the boot was cut in half. Second, I saw a post from Will Roman that was a response to a customer. The customer had an issue with their boot and Will personally responded making it right for the customer. It was that moment I said these will be the boots I buy.

About the price… I am a high school teacher of very modest means. So the price is very steep for me. However, given the quality and exceptional customer service shown by Chisos I made the purchase.

When the boots arrived they were as good as advertised. The box, boot bags, etc, were all perfect.

The fit… I believe I am in between Chisos sizes. I normally wear a 10D in Ariat, 10.5 in tennis shoes and dress shoes. I chose to go with the 10D. Those fit fine in the toe box but we’re very tight in the instep area.

Rather than returning them for a 10.5, which I thought would be too big after break in, I chose to stay with the 10D. What I did was take out the thicker Chisos insole and put in my Ariat thinner Ariat insole. This made a perfect fit. However, I did not want to lose the feeling of the wonderful Chisos insole, so I have been breaking the boots in with the Ariat with the hopes of putting the original Chisos back in.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase. I’ve worn them out a few times and everyone loves them.

I plan to keep these boots as my forever boots. Heck, I may even save up for a black pair! Thank you Chisos!

Chisos No. 6
Stephen Rose (England)
Be careful where you treadq

Have some Luccheses, have some Tecovas. They wear pretty well. They are pretty comfortable. They look pretty good. Then you pick up a pair of Chisos. And suddenly pretty good isn’t good enough. So if you just want pretty good, don’t go near the Chisos.

Best so far

I am somewhat new to cowboy boots. I have several Tecovas a pair of Rujo, Twisted x and Ariat. These are by far the best I own. The comfort and build quality are far above the others. They cost a little more but you seem to get what you pay for. Will be buying a pair of 5s soon!!

Chisos No. 2
Emmanuel Beaufils (Texas)
Love them

Love the fit, the quality and how comfortable they are. Definitely worth it , they became my favorite one. The roughout are my favorite but love the brown too

Chisos No. 6
Jose I. Castillo (California)
Best of all

I am very please with my Ropers, very comfortable, it fits so good, Now I am looking forward to buy a second pair. Thank you Chisos!!!

Chisos No. 2
C.Baser (Texas)
Black #2s

I have worn them a few times already and I have to sat. I absolutely love them! The most comfortable boot I have and I have a lot lol.

Belt - Cowhide
Stephen Grimes (California)
Great quality, great fit

Great quality, great fit and most importantly it matches my boots perfectly. Worth every penny!

Chisos No. 6
Stephen Grimes (California)
Best Boot I Have Ever Owned!

I’ve owned several pairs of boots and these are on a different level. You can see and feel the quality. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Worth every penny. I will hopefully be purchasing the No.2s soon.

Chisos No. 1
Jason Gordon (Virginia)
Better than I imagined

I was hoping to try Chisos after reading the reviews. Having tried Ariat and Tecovas, I wasn't impressed and was afraid I wouldn't find boots for me. I wanted to try the No.2 in brushed brown but they were out of my size. I got the No.1 in magic black and holy crap I was in love! I have never liked anything but square toes, however these No.1's have changed my mind. I still want the No.2's but my No.1's in magic black are my #1 choice and I wear them everyday!

Chisos No. 2
Emil N. (Maryland)
Awesome Boots: #2 Roughout

I have owned several pairs of high quality boots throughout the years and my Chisos #2s in roughout leather are already one of my favorites. I ordered my boots one size smaller than my sneaker size. Since receiving them four weeks ago, I have not wanted to take them off and I look forward to wearing them at any opportunity. The leather and construction of the boot is top notch and high quality, which is exactly what you want in a nice pair of boots. I look forward to continue wearing my pair of boots and they are one of the best looking and comfortable boots I own.

When I was originally looking to order a pair of Chisos boots I was initially skeptical of the leather lined comfort insole. Most of my boots have full leather non-removable insoles, which I prefer to synthetic or rubberized insoles. I have flat feet and usually take out insoles provided by the manufacturer and replace them with an insole with more arch support. However, the insoles in my Chisos boots are the best quality manufacturer insole I have ever seen. These are not a cheap pair insoles and offer substantial arch support and are thick and supportive. The leather lining is a great touch as well. The Chisos insoles are so good that I will be ordering a replacement pair to have on hand in case my original ones wear out.

I hope the team at Chisos keeps up the good work and continues to use extremely high quality materials to make an awesome boot. While I would love to order another pair of boots from Chisos in the snip toe or a boot in brown leather (I’d also love to own a pair in ostrich), I know I will wear my current #2s until they completely wear out. Once that happens, and I doubt it will happen soon, I will definitely be ordering another pair of boots from Chisos.

Chisos No. 2
Joshua Rempt (Washington)
Brilliant boots

Quality fit comfort and service these boots and company check all the boxes! When you get yours you will see 💯

Chisos No. 2
Victor Gòmez (California)
Chisos boots the new sheriff in town!

I own Ariats, Tecovas and a pair of Nocona's.... But nothing comes close to Chisos boots, these are amazingly comfortable right off the box! Highly recommend ANYONE to give these a try. I definitely will be coming back for more!

Chisos No. 1
D.G. (Arkansas)
Gifted to my father and the man of few words wont stop telling me how comfy they are

Yeah, he loves his boots. He wore his last pair for 12 years and finally needed to decommission them. But hating everything he came across he went bootless for 8 months saying "Id rather wear no boot than an uncomfortable one." So I came across these from a youtube video and boom, loves them. Wont stop talking about how comfortable they are and how clean they feel. Once I need another new boot Im coming back to Chisos for sure.

Chisos No. 1
Michael Martin (Virginia)
Damn Good Boots

Love my roughout #1s....quality built, comfortable and beautiful . I used to wear nothing but Lucchese and these Chisos are a better boot for the money.... I will be adding the #2s and the #6s to my collection...

Chisos No. 2
Jordan Mieth (Texas)
Needs to have 10 stars!

The most perfect pair of boots I’ve ever owned! I’ve been through a lot of nice boots in my life, but these are incredible and the only brand of boots I want to own. Very comfortable compared to any other traditional cowboy boot. The attention to detail in these boots are amazing, from the stitching to the interior. I can wear them all day and that’s saying alot because I have very picky feet. GO BUY THEM

Chisos No. 2
Bird dog gal (Illinois)
Superb comfort

These boots have jaw dropping comfort. I bought a mens 7 to have more toe room. (My normal size is womens 9) The fit is absolutely perfect. I was worried the heel may be too big but the fit is amazing. The smooth lining is wonderful. Such a beautiful gentle hug of the foot with absolutely no pressure points. A much better fit than the DD and Ariat boots I own. Just ordered the snip toe last night. Can't wait to get them.

Chisos No. 2
Bradley B. (Louisiana)


Chisos No. 6
Raj Singh (California)

Great feel and even better looks. This shoe is made with quality that you can see right away. Great boot that I'v been dailying and been loving them.

Chisos No. 6
Thos. Dixon

Regret not trying to find a boot in a B width.But a great boot

Chisos No. 1
Robert (Texas)
Hands Down Most Comfortable Cowboy Boot

I absolutely LOVE my boots!

Been wearing them six days a week for the last month and they fit like they were custom made for my feet (in fact in years past I had a pair of boots custom made for me and these are MORE comfortable!).

I live in Austin so I payed a visit to Chisos World Headquarters and it was a great experience. So Austin, So Texas.

Met Will and the crew and got personally fitted which was probably a great idea as I wear a 8.5-9 athletic shoe but ended up in a size 11 boot because I have very wide feet and one foot is slightly larger than the other.

I could wax eloquent about my boots for days but it is truly hands down the most comfortable cowboy boot I have ever owned.

They look great, feel great, smell great, and are totally Texana.

Don't waste your money on inferior boots.