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King Roper
Mike Vereen (Florida)
Amazing boots!

If you’re on the fence about buying these , pull the trigger! The quality and fit of these boots are second to none. They are absolutely beautiful and super comfortable! They arnt cheap, but they are worth every penny!!

Chisos No. 2
Nathan Lizarraga (Ohio)
Worth every penny

Best boots I’ve ever bought, I don’t care for most square toes but I loved the No. 2 brushed brown. True to size, super soft leather right out of the box. Old fashioned soles done right

Chisos No. 2
J.D. Klesser (Indiana)
Best quality, best comfort

Title says it all. I never truly knew what "best" meant until putting on my first pair of Chisos boots. Didn't take two full days and they felt broke in. Not a big thing, but you'd be surprised how many compliments that little red stripe in the heel gets. Especially on the magic black. Saving up for my next pair now, which will be the #1 in brown. Getting the opportunity to visit their shop and shake hands with the man that started it all has made my bucket list. God bless Will, and God bless Texas!

Leather Balm
Stephen Mulligan (Illinois)
Best Boots Ever

Love my Chisos boots! I have 3 of the number 2’s. 1 #5 and 2 #6’s. So comfortable, and so stylish! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Real comfortable insoles

I would recommend these insoles to anyone looking for a more comfortable boot. I bought two pairs and I'm going to purchase two more. Putting them in all of my boots.

Chisos No. 1
Chisos Number 1 - Magic Black (Missouri)
Great quality and extremely comfortable boots!

I have flat, narrow feet that has made it near impossible to find boots that fit and are comfortable. After years of giving up wearing boots and reading reviews, decided to give Chisos a try. With the help of a wonderful customer service contact, was able to select the perfect size. The boots are really well made, extremely comfortable right out of the box and feel even better after a week of wearing. The only problem is that now I need another pair in brown! Thank you for designing and making such a good boot Chisos!

Chisos No. 1 Ostrich
A.W. (California)
Dance Your Life Away

I have been waiting quite some time to write this review. I had never even heard of Chisos before and knew when I walked my beautiful wife down the aisle that I wanted to wear a quality gentlemen's boot. Of course I had my heart set on Lucchese boots, but then Rose Anvil for the win. I happened to watch him cut in half the Chisos boots and subsequently saw owner Will cut his own boots in half (I believe it was actually will who cut first). Once I saw the quality that these were constructed with versus Lucchese (still a great boot, not knocking them) I knew I was going to walk my lady down the aisle in these. Plus as a fellow Texan and small business advocate it just made sense.

I ordered them in April but could not wear them one bit until our wedding day, that was our deal together (my wife) so we could write on the outsoles of each other's boots. While at the end of the wedding day my feet had some hot spots but they were overall extremely comfortable right out of the box. I have since tailored my sock department and used only thin smooth dress socks when I wear them, if I do that all day comfort is a given.

The detail that caught my eye the most was the maroon lining (I am an Aggie) but also the fact that the whole boot is lined and not just what you can see in the shaft. I liked it so much that I got the lining of my custom wedding jacket tailored in an identical color silk. I did all I could to make these boots a piece of my own personal history and with the quality they will never give up. I already have a couple other Chisos on my wish list in the future. I will not hesitate to pull the trigger.

Sizing: follow their instructions. I wear a size 12d in running shoes, size 12.5-13 in steel toe work boots and hiking boots and got a 11.5 as instructed. I do not have overly wide or skinny feet, just average I'd say.

If you are questioning based on price, sure they are expensive, but I have been into the shop twice before buying them and everyone I have talked with truly seems passionate about the company. Some people harp that cause they are made in Mexico they should be cheaper, but most boots I have ever bought are from Mexico and I have never had quality issues. That is not to say there are good quality USA boots and or bad made in Mexico boots. Watch the Rose Anvil videos and you'll see why they are good.

I wear them every chance I get, flying to and from work, grocery, wedding, nice dinners, etc...they really dress up and down quite well, especially if you pair it with the matching belt. PS don’t be a dork if you can swing it, make sure your dress pants are tailored for a boot shaft…or you’re wearing a boot cut jean.

Overall I am truly happy with my purchase. Have been recommending them to every person that asks or comments on them. YouTube video placeholder
Chisos No. 5
Charles Mattias (Arizona)

Thank you Chisos for making an amazing boot! Stylish and amazingly comfortable. I love these boots.

Chisos No. 2
E.D. (Washington)
Most comfortable boot I’ve worn

I’d like to start with the first impressions when I received these almost a year ago. When I opened the box I was really excited to see the high end quality work and I’d expect that coming from Leon Guanajuato. The smell of leather was amazing! I ordered these in an 11.5 and they are a slight snug fit but give them a few days to break in and they fit amazing. I live in Washington State so they dealt with a lot of rain and mud. The leather is definitely a higher quality than most boots I have worn. I really love that the insoles are almost like a built in dr scholls but with a leather top and are removable which is important to air them out to keep the moisture from your feet out. I would clean my boots every 3 months with a saddle soap and condition them. I was able to but boot cream “chocolate” to give it as close to the original color as possible. The only reason I give these a 4 out of 5 was due to the heel. The rubber heel seems to wear off quickly and trust me I don’t drag my feet. If they could change that to something a bit more durable that would make this boot a solid 5 stars. I don’t use these to walk a lot and rubber material didn’t last a year. I have gone so far that the red stripe design is what I’m wearing through now. Which with the wrong step I have slipped a few times and thankfully not fallen. If Chisos could improve the heel material that would be Amazing! I’m currently thinking about buying a second pair, except I would be using these a bit more for special occasions.

Chisos No. 1
Osvaldo Barnecet
Great pair of boots!

My rough out Chisos 1 are well constructed ,beutiful and very comfortable. Everyone that has seen my boots are impressed .

Chisos No. 5
Daniel Mercier. (Quebec)

Hello to you, i receive my Chisos no 5 , sorry for the delay of my evaluation. Firts of all, the presentation of the packaging is a spectacle in itself. My girlfriend was impressed and hurry to pick up the two beautiful Chisos bag for herself. Very impressed with the qualityof manufacturing as well as it stitches a piece of art. Customer service and speed of delivery is 5 stars. Thank you very much Kris for the leather balm. My plan is to have a second pair of Chisos and this time to buy directly from your store. Very nice discovery at the next Chisos.

Daniel Mercier
P.O. 11479
Quebec, Canada

Thank you Allison for your great job.

Chisos No. 2
Caleb Geuns (Missouri)

These are definitely made with care, with no corners cut. A bit higher rise in the heel than I was used to but comfy none the less.

Chisos No. 6
Jon Lautenschlager (California)
I was skeptical.

Well, I've tried all sorts of boots and never had a pair fit my feet right out of the box so I ordered a second pair and don't ya know they fit even better than the first.

Athletic Mesh Trucker
Ron Jones (California)
Quality and Detail

This hat is made with the same quality and comfort as everything Chisos has come to be known for.

Chisos No. 2
Ron Jones (California)
The Best Boot that keeps getting better !

What arrives at your door is the gift of quality, excellent fit and comfort wrapped in boot socks that other companies make you purchase as an accessory. Chisos stands above others right out of the shoot. Look no further you have found the best quality boot, customer service and a caring team that makes sure you have made the right purchase guaranteed.

Chisos No. 2
David Brockett (Ohio)

Just got my first pair of Chisos #2’s. Amazing all day comfort for my hard to fit feet. The toughest decision will be which Chisos to get next!

Chisos No. 1
Nicholas Brown (Tennessee)
Pretty awesome now that they are starting to break in

Got the #1’s in rough out. The left boot fit like a glove. The right one was really tight in the vamp which led to the side of my foot hurting after wearing all day. And I sit in an office. I had to by a baseball to shove down to vamp for a few nights and it’s just now starting to fit right and no more pain. I figure it’s just rough out is maybe that much harder to break in. But was worried about it for a while

Chisos No. 2 Ostrich
Alyssa Coffey (Kentucky)
Customer for life

Writing this review for my husband. He has been talking about Chisos for longest time, talking about the company and the quality. So for his 30th Birthday I bought him his first pair and even left Chisos a note about it being such a big milestone for us. They went above and beyond. Needless to say, we will never buy anything but Chisos. There was no break end period, they were instantly perfect for him to wear. We appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that went into our purchase.

Leather Balm
David Biagini (New Mexico)
Excellent product.

The Chisos leather balm is easy to use and it's easy to get an excellent results.

Chisos No. 1
Brent (Michigan)
Amazing comfort

These are the most comfortable cowboy boots in existence. The build quality is next level and they are great looking too. I own several pairs of cowboy boots from different brands and these blow all of the others out of the water.

Chisos No. 1
Mark Cassio (California)
Everything perfect

First pair of boots, military discount. Everything was perfect from customer support when I contacted them, to potential change in order. Everything about chisos is perfect, workers, quality, fit, nothing to complain about. I will be purchasing more in the near future

Chisos No. 6
Nick L. (Illinois)
Perfect boots

These boots are the perfect blend of traditional and modern cowboy boots. I ordered a 10 and 10.5. Most shoes/boots I have are a 10 and sometimes a 10.5. I realized that the 10 is a better fit. They were snug in the beginning
but are breaking in nicely. The leather stretches and molds to your feet nicely over time. They have a great look, feel, and smell, right out of the box. They are the most comfortable boots I own hands down. Looking forward to seeing how these look in the coming months/years. Thank you to the Chisos team for helping find the right fit. The customer service far exceeded my expectations. Could not be happier with this purchase.

Chisos No. 2
Robert Herrera
Awesome boots!

This is only my second pair of cowboy boots, my first being Ariats. I am happy with my Ariat boots, but the moment I unboxed my Chisos, I said “wow, these are nice!” They fit great and the quality and feel of the leather is amazing. They are super comfortable and really look good. I saw some really expensive boots that start with Lu… and my Chisos are just so much nicer. Only problem is, any other boot I look at in the future is gonna have to live up to the Chisos quality. I’m a very satisfied customer.

Chisos No. 1
Amrit Singh (Texas)
Best boots I have ever owned!!!

I own many pairs of boots but there isn't one that even remotely comes close to the build quality, comfort, and styling of these boots. I was so impressed by the Chisos boots, the owner, and the staff that I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of boots. I love this small business and will support it every chance I get by buying more boots.

Chisos No. 2
D.M. (Massachusetts)
The best boots I have ever owned.

I have purchased a number of cowboy boots from other brands in my 78 years.
My #2 Brushed Brown are the most comfortable I have ever owned and well made.
They were comfortable from day one and they run true to size.
I would recommend Chisos to everyone and will not purchase another brand after buying Chisos.