Boot Jack

Boot Jack

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The Chisos solid redwood boot jack makes quick work of taking off your cowboy boots. Simply step on the boot jack with one boot, place the other boot in the forks, and slip your foot out. You'll wonder how you ever got by without one.

Finished with our brush-off brown Chisos heritage cowhide—complete with our trademark red stripe—to match your Chisos boots. Natural variation occurs by design and no two boot jacks are identical. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sherrod, Denise (Texas)
He likes it!

My husband said he doesn’t know how he got along without it. 👍🏻

Thomas Lengel (Texas)
Simply fantastic!

The boot jack is fantastic. Of course since I own two pairs of Chisos boots, I’d expect nothing but perfection from y’all! The boots are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned. The likes of Luchese, and other well known brands better watch out, the bar of quality and comfort has been raised!

Dan McElroy (Texas)
Function Follows Form

Not much to say other than it's well made and works as intended. It's a sturdy accessory.

Victor Gonzales (Texas)
Boot Jack

Does exactly what it is designed to do. Make life easier.

William Waterhouse (South Carolina)
Chisos Boot Jack

So it's just a boot jack right??? Actually not, it's to your entryway what a decorative table item is to your living area...with one expection... it's actually functional. The boot jack is built well with very nice wood, uses leather and not metal to hold your boot when pulling off, has the red Chisos signature stripe incorporated and the Chisos logo branded into it. For $60 it's not cheap, but worth every penny in terms of quality and cool factor for sure.

Stephen Parrett (Texas)
You need one!

Great product, heavy duty so doesn't slip around when taking boots off. Works really well on all boots brands and types and cool looking too! Glad I got one.

Kathi C (Texas)
Boot jack is amazing!

Never heard of this, and spent my entire “boot life” having a friend of my husband pry them off my feet. No longer! I love this and I bought it on a whim. Now my new boots come off in a snap. Plus it looks great! I love the leather,

Steven Tomlinson (Texas)
If you have to take them off...

A cool-looking, practical way to get out of your Chisos until you’re ready to reboot.

Laura Rabago (Texas)
Great Product and Customer Service

I purchased the Texas Boot Jack as a gift and it was a hit! From start to finish, a great experience doing business with Chisos! Many thanks!


The Texas boot Jack is gorgeous! It arrived with a hand-written note, which I thought was a very nice touch. Very well made with the signature Chisos red stripe. In my home all shoes must be removed at the door and this actually adds a very classy touch to the entrance area. I highly recommend!