Wearing a perfect fitting pair of cowboy boots is almost spiritual—and something everyone deserves to experience. Here are a few tips to help you achieve boot nirvana.

Video Guide
The Perfect Fit

"How should my cowboy boots fit?" Use these tips and tricks to get the perfect cowboy boot fit for you!

0:15 — Before You Buy
1:00 — Will It Stretch?
2:22 — Leather Matters
3:18 — Toe Shape Nuance
4:07 — The Break In
4:45 — Fixing a Tight Boot
6:00 — Different Sized Feet

Satisfying "Thud"

As you first pull on new boots, you should feel resistance until your heel slips into position with a satisfying "thud" sound. Your toes should fit comfortably in the toe box. If your toes are cramped, it is best to go up a half size.

Snug, Not Painful

New boots should fit snug across the widest part of your foot and also across the top of your arch. Snug, but not uncomfortably tight. This part will slightly stretch over time. Ultimately, personal preference rules the day.

Heel Slip

It is normal for your heel to slip up to a half inch at first when you walk. Over time, the leather heel counter (the rear part of the boot) will naturally adjust and conform to your heel shape and this slippage will stop.