Cut in Half Cowboy Boots

Ever wonder, "What the **** is inside a cowboy boot?!" I'm going to show you who's doing it right—and who's cutting corners. Let's get it!

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How are handcrafted Chisos cowboy boots different from mass-produced brands?

Chisos is a true small business in Austin, Texas. That means we have different priorities than those giant companies. We don’t make tens of thousands of cheap boots; instead we carefully handcraft small batches. We value pride of craftsmanship. And we’re pretty adamant about not cutting corners just to make an extra buck.

Our boots are hand-lasted, meaning we form the leather around the boot shape by hand instead of automating it with giant machines. We carve channel welts directly into our leather insoles (only 5% of bootmakers worldwide still practice this method; the rest gave in to cheap canvas gemming). We developed our own leathers that are tougher and yet softer (and don’t require harvesting baby calves).

We use full leather heel counters. We’d be embarrassed not to. This is very important, as the heel counter is a key structural focal point of the boot. Cheaper, mass-produced boots often use merely some celastic or plastic as their heel counter and hide it. Don’t be fooled.

Other traditionally-made cowboy boots don't have a whole lot of cushion. Chisos boots are engineered with removable, leather-topped, triple-density comfort insoles that make it possible to walk miles in your boots all day and not kill your feet or lower back.

We hope you try our comfortable cowboy boots and see what all the talk is about.

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