Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Small Business

Where do y'all call home?

Do you have a store I can visit?

Where does the name “Chisos” come from?

You say “Do Right, Love Texas®” a lot. What does that mean?

How much do you donate to Texas land conservation?

Do you offer a military discount?

Boot Construction

What makes Chisos boots different from big factory brands?

What is a channel welt and why is it better?

What’s so different about your heritage leathers?

How is your insole more comfortable than other cowboy boots?

Is the insole removable? What if I have custom orthotic inserts?

Do you have a full leather heel counter?

Do you have a cork footbed?

Do you use lemonwood pegs?

Where are Chisos boots made?

How long will Chisos boots last?

Boot Sizing

What size am I in cowboy boots?

When I try the boots on, how do I know I’ve got the correct size?

What if I ordered the wrong size?

I have wide or narrow feet, what size should I order?

Shipping, Exchanges and Returns

How much does shipping cost?

Where do y’all ship to? Do you ship international?

How do I exchange an item?

Do you offer returns?

Financing Options

What is Shop Pay Installments and why buy using their payment plans?

May I return or exchange an item purchased using a payment plan?