Austin, Texas

A True Small Business

Howdy! I'm Will, founder of Chisos. No big shot investors, just lots of hard work, some luck, and a community willing to roll up their sleeves. I'm glad you're here.


Located in Big Bend National Park is Texas’ most profound landmark: the Chisos Mountains. There’s just something about the Chisos; long have they been a source of spiritual renewal for natives and travelers alike.

Chisos boots took form upon this enchanting backdrop and that namesake influences how we operate today. A portion of all revenue supports Texas land conservation. We eschew the use of juvenile leathers. And each boot is an homage to the natural beauty of Texas.

You become a part of that ethos of pride and responsibility when you pull on your Chisos. That red stripe represents much more than just comfort. We like to think that when you see someone wearing Chisos boots, you know what they stand for.

Texas Loud, Texas Proud

Do Right, Love Texas

Land Conservation Efforts

Guanajuato, Mexico

Our Workshop

Nestled in the gorgeous state of Guanajuato, the same family-run workshop that mentored Will is the one we still work with today.

Worker's Rights

Positive, safe working conditions and fair compensation are afforded each worker. The lowest apprentice pay is more than twice the region's living wage and all roles receive state pension contributions and health care benefits.

Ethically Made

Chisos heritage leathers come from hand-selected dairy cow hides, sourced from farms screened for their animal welfare practices. By doing so, we do not contribute to the demand for juvenile animal harvesting.


In an industry dominated by big factories cutting corners, building cowboy boots that last decades is a powerful tool to enable sustainable living. Additionally we utilize a lead-free tanning process and full-leather construction.

Do Right,
Love Texas