Cowboy Boot Blog

Interview with Cee Are Dee
Hear about our uncompromising commitment to our community.
Memorial Day 2022
Thanks to all y'all that supported the Texas Military Forces Museum at our Memorial Day crawfish boil this year!
Father's Day Guide
Every dad, father figure or mentor deserves a classic pair of quality leather boots.
How to Clean & Condition Leather Cowboy Boots
Ignore the so-called experts; here's all you need to keep your leather cowboy boots in top-notch condition.
Chisos Discount Codes & Coupons
We want you to purchase a pair of Chisos because you truly feel that they are adding value to your life.
The Genesis of Chisos
The encompassing story of Chisos cowboy boots.
BootSpy Covers Chisos
Boot aficionado outlet BootSpy sat down with the Chief Texan to find out what really makes Chisos different.
Marfa Lights Edition
The world's first LED cowboy boot—available only from Chisos.
Big Bend National Park
Lush mountains surrounded by arid landscapes. Big Bend National Park and the sacred Chisos Mountains.
Ride On Center for Kids
Highlighting the great equine therapy work of our friends at the ROCK center in Georgetown, Texas.
Reflecting on 2021
few of the highlights you made possible. Thank you for the difference you make in our lives!
Chisos Customers
Will discusses a few of the qualities that many of our customers look for when choosing their next pair of boots.
2nd Anniversary Concert at Chisos HQ
Thank you to ALL Y’ALL for supporting us in our mission to build a community that loves boots, takes care of the land, and values doing right.
The Perfect Boot
Whether picking out a pair of cowboy boots for work, play or a bit of both, everyone tends to be on the look out for the perfect boot.
Texas Gator Hunting
Join as we go alligator hunting in east Texas! The once endangered species now supports an ecosystem and way of life.
Christmas Gift Guide
Take a look at the Chisos family of crafted goods that pair nicely with our one of a kind cowboy boots.
Charities Doing Right and Loving Texas
Every year we donate boots and funds to organizations that we think are working hard to make a difference.
North Texas Noodling
Texas is full of fishing excursions and on today's adventure, Will learns a whole new way to go fishing—the art of noodling.
Value Judgements
Will talks about the value a well made pair of boots should have.
Bracken Bat Cave
We teamed up with BMW and Texas Monthly to explore some of wild places in Texas. First up: the world's largest bat population!
Cut in Half Cowboy Boots
Ever wonder, "What the **** is inside a cowboy boot?!" I'm going to show you who's doing it right—and who's cutting corners.

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