Chisos No. 2
Chisos No. 2
Chisos No. 2

Chisos No. 2

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11" Shaft
1⅝" Heel

The strengths of the No. 2 lie in its beauty: the brush-off leather hides scuffs and develops a handsome patina over time. The Chisos ranch toe shape makes its debut on the No. 2 and the stitching is a nod to the petroglyphs in Big Bend National Park.

Chisos heritage cowhides boast superior durability to juvenile leathers, and our proprietary process renders them uniquely soft. Natural variation occurs by design. Handcrafted in Mexico.

We offer refunds on like-new items within 90 days of purchase. You have up to one year to return unused items for store credit. We also provide free exchanges on all orders within the contiguous United States.

The leather soles are designed to wear out and be replaced, much like the brakes on a vehicle. Your mileage will vary depending on conditions of use, your weight, and walking style. Give them a break every other day to allow the leather to breathe. Avoid exposure to water and excess moisture. When needed, a cobbler can perform a full resole and heel replacement.

To extend the life of the leather soles, have a cobbler apply a rubber sole saver upon receipt. The uppers of your Chisos boots will last decades if you take care of them. Condition the leather about once every three months. These steps will ensure your boots are ready to hand down to the next generation.

Chisos boots fit true to size according to US shoe standards. Simply order the size that you wear most often.

For men, generally boots will match the same size you wear in dress shoes. For ladies, a half size smaller than your athletic shoes. The conversion between men's and ladies' is approximately 1.5-2 size increments. For example, a Men's 7 D is a Ladies' 8.5 or 9.

Exchanges are free in case you want to try a different size.

Heritage Leathers

A return to craftsmanship, including a traditional leather heel counter, stacked leather heel, and leather sole.

Texas Proud

Artwork that celebrates the natural beauty of Texas, with a portion of funds supporting Texas land conservation.

Damn Comfortable

Removable insoles for all day comfort and ready-to-wear ergonomics that continue to mold to you over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 345 reviews
Billy P (Texas)
Great Boots!!

Awesome boots! The most comfortable pair of boots I have ever had. These #2's are #1 with me. I really like the brown color a lot. Also the customer service is second to none! I ordered a size that was a 1/2 size to small. No problem, I knew I could return them for a larger size but I never imagined they would pay to ship them back and for the replacement pair! Great products and great company. I see a black pair in my near future! The next time I'm in Austin I intend to thank them personally. Thanks Will!!

James Cain (Texas)
Very comfortable and look great!

For years I have been a proud Texan who could not wear boots because of foot problems. Will and Christian worked with me to find just the right fit and I couldn't be more pleased. Not only do they look great with the design and color, but they are very comfortable. I can wear then with anything. I am proud to get complements from people who regularly wear boots.

Matthew Kirk (Texas)
Chisos #2

I was looking for a new pair of boots. Mostly based on Facebook sending me ads. I had originally thought I would buy a pair of Tecovas since they have a store near me. But I’m the type of shopper to do research and since I’ve only ever owned big name boots (Justin’s, Lucchese) I wanted to see what was available similar to Tecovas’ marketing style.

Chisos popped up along with Alvies and a few others. It became clear to me that everyone was making boots in Leon, Mx.

However only Chisos had videos showing the difference in THEIR products. The “cut in half boot” video was enlightening and sold me on the reason for the higher price point.

I’m completely satisfied with what I got. They are really comfortable, much more than any other boots I’ve owned in 30 years actually.

The customer service is very personal and that’s a huge plus for me.

R.R. (Indiana)
Comfortable, but heels are weak

Very comfortable, even for someone with a fractured spine. Unfortunately, some of the stacked leather heel layers split apart the first time I tried to remove these with a boot jack. Very disappointed, and not sure how to fix my brand new ridiculously expensive boots.

David MARON (California)
Worth the wait!

I’m amazed by the fit, finish, and quality of these boots and couldn’t be happier. The pictures and videos on line really don't do the boots justice. You have to see them in person to really appreciate the workmanship and color. Early in the year, I emailed Wil about what size boot I should get and offered the current size I was wearing in another brand. Wil’s response was prompt and suggested that I stay with that size in their brand since it would offer me the best fit. The only problem was the No. 2 in brown was out of stock! A few months later I was alerted that they were back in and quickly placed my order. They are really comfortable right out of the box - no joke. The insoles make a big difference for me and has made the break-in process much more enjoyable and comfortable. I’ve been wearing these now about 3 times a week for about 12 hours at a time. No pain, no discomfort, but lots of compliments from my co-workers and friends. I highly recommend your boots to anyone looking to invest a great looking, quality boot. Thanks again!

Andrew (Texas)
These boots were made for walking

I wear nothing but cowboy boots every day for my demanding work building stages at music concerts. Many days I walk over 35,000 steps, so my boots better be damn comfortable. These boots knock it out of the park in that regard.

Before my Chisos, I wore a pair of Ariat work boots that did the job, albeit with some complaints. But these Chisos are on a whole other level. As soon as they arrived, I put them on and they were 100% broken in with zero discomfort. I've since worn them every single day for the past three months and have never experienced a more comfortable boot or shoe. As someone who's dealt with foot paint my entire life due to a flat foot, this is an immense relief.

You can look online as to whether they're your style or not, and the quality construction methods are clear to see. But the biggest unknown when trying new footwear is the comfort. Rest assured, Chisos gets it right. Chisos boots are the most comfortable footwear I've ever worn. Nothing, not sneakers or anything else comes close. I wear them every day, and expect to continue doing so for many years.

Thomas Pisciotta (Massachusetts)
My favorite boot!

Since I’ve received my Chisos, all my other boots have been collecting dust. I wear them every day!

Zachary Skipworth (Kentucky)
Easily the very best

I purchased these boots roughly a month ago and I wear them every chance I get. Im in the military and run roughly 50 miles a week and they are by far my most comfortable pair of footwear. I suffer from pretty bad plantar fasciitis that I developed in ranger school and these boots have honestly helped the recovery process. The price is roughly 150 dollars more than a brand like tecovas and on par with the price of a lucchese but they put both brands to shame. Trust me.

Max (Massachusetts)
Yup, They are as good as everyone says.

I wore them all day, every day for a month before completing my review. Simply put, these boots are awesome. Built like a tank, the quality of construction is second to none. Most impressive is the comfort. They fit perfectly and get better as you wear them. I pull them on in the morning and hear that satisfying "thump". The heel is perfectly set and there is plenty of room in the toe box. These boots are truly in a league of their own. You can pay more for other brands but you simply won't find a more comfortable pair of boots. I'll be the guy wearing only Chisos from now on. Don't be afraid to pull the trigger on these. They are so worth it. Chisos customer service is fantastic. If they don't fit no worries. There is a free return label in the box. You'll have the right size in a few more days. (Just don't mistakenly send your Koozie and stickers back like I did, bummer). Will, please make them in Apache leather and put me down for a size 11 in both the round and square toe!!

Kenneth Hemp (Florida)
Just pull the trigger

Out of the box comfortable! Can only imagine after several months. The attention to detail from the shipping process to the boot is top notch. The leather is amazing. What an amazing boot and great company!