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Charities Doing Right and Loving Texas
Every year we donate boots and funds to organizations that we think are working hard to make a difference.
North Texas Noodling
Texas is full of fishing excursions and on today's adventure, Will learns a whole new way to go fishing—the art of noodling.
Value Judgements
Will talks about the value a well made pair of boots should have.
Bracken Bat Cave
We teamed up with BMW and Texas Monthly to explore some of wild places in Texas. First up: the world's largest bat population!
Cut in Half Cowboy Boots
Ever wonder, "What the **** is inside a cowboy boot?!" I'm going to show you who's doing it right—and who's cutting corners.
Memorial Day Weekend at Chisos HQ
Y'all came out strong on Memorial Day to raise over $4000 for the Texas Military Forces Museum!
Emilio - Stories from Texas
Emilio shares his story of human connection on the Pecos, one of the last pristine rivers in Texas.
Quality and Craft Drive Chisos
A quick podcast discussing how quality and craft drive Chisos boots—and Will's personal outlook on life.
The Experience of Chisos Boots
Will tells the story of old timers in Gruene, Texas and what they thought the first time they tried on a pair of Chisos boots.
How It All Began
Chief Texan Will Roman shares the accident that resulted in the Chisos boots that we know and love today.
Chisos Cover Story! Austin Life Magazine
Austin Life magazine featured Chisos on their cover, highlighting the unique ethos we follow at Chisos boots.
Walker Wears Chisos Boots
Walker, Texas Ranger is back—and this time, he's wearing Chisos cowboy boots.
The Year of Community
The year 2020 called on us all to adapt and grow. The Chisos Community reminded us that we're all in this together.
Tribeza: Chisos Boots Are Exotic Yet Sustainable
Tribeza magazine writes: The new boot will change the way you think about (and see) luxury leather footwear.
Chisos Launches Boots from Wild-Harvested Texas Alligator
The Chisos Boot Company is debuting the first small-batch luxury cowboy boot ever made from wild-harvested Texas alligators.
Did I Just Ruin My Chisos No. 5 Roughout Boots?!
Y'all asked: do I need to waterproof my Chisos No. 5 boots? Is the roughout the same as suede? Watch and see the answers to these and all of life's important questions...
Chisos Partners with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation
It's with great pride that today I announce Chisos is partnering with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation!
Review of the Chisos No. 2: for People Who Love Texas
The folks over at Lone Star Boot Reviews purchased a pair of our Chisos cowboy boots and surprised us with a review video. Take a look!
Chisos’ Favorite BBQ: Convenience West
Pitmaster Mark Scott mans his pit and puts in 16 hour days, all while wearing his Chisos. The verdict? “More comfortable than my kitchen shoes.”
The Strength of Texans
The variety of landscapes contained within the state of Texas is unparalleled. The mere existence of these landscapes calms the psyche of those of us confined to city living.
Chisos Boots: A Grassroots Business
Chief Texan Will Roman was invited on the eCommerceFuel podcast to discuss how he runs the company—and why we only offer free shipping to Texans.

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