Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5

Chisos No. 5

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Ships from Texas Flag Emoji Austin, Texas
11½" Shaft
1⅜" Heel

The No. 5 pays tribute to the Texas Longhorn and those great herds that defined the old west. Horns that reach the entire width of the boot dominate the embroidery. And the roughout leather provides full grain strength to back up the loud snip toe.

It's not suede—our roughout is made by turning a full grain hide inside-out. Wildland firefighters prefer roughout due to its ability to combat abrasions and its unique heat dissipation properties. It's our strongest and most comfortable leather.

Chisos heritage cowhides boast superior durability to juvenile leathers, and our proprietary process renders them uniquely soft. Handcrafted in Mexico.

We offer refunds on like-new items within 90 days of purchase. You have up to one year to return unused items for store credit. We also provide free exchanges on all orders within the contiguous United States.

Chisos boots fit true to size according to US shoe standards. Simply order the size that you wear most often. Generally boots will match the same size you wear in dress shoes. Exchanges are always free in case you want to try a different size.

Heritage Leathers

Superb craftsmanship, including a traditional leather heel counter and an unheard-of premium cowhide lining.


Artwork that celebrates the natural beauty of Texas, with a portion of funds supporting Texas land conservation.

Damn Comfortable

Removable insoles for all day comfort and ready-to-wear ergonomics that continue to mold to you over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Luxury feel

I recently ordered a No. 5 and a Lucchese at the same time. In terms of packaging the Chisos was much nicer with a luxury feel. Even with the boots, the fit and finish and feel on foot was better with the Chisos. Luv the No. 5's. Can't keep from staring at them. Would love a B size.

Love the No. 5s!!!

These boots look and feel fantastic! Chisos is my only boot from here on out!

Back Again!!!

These are my second pair of Chisos and my feet have fallen in love again 😂

Top notch durability and looks

These boots hit that fine line between being durable and being absolutely gorgeous. The photos don’t do it justice, in person the tan rough-out keeps the boots looking good fresh out of the box and beaten up, paired with the white stitching and the snip toe the boot is really eye catching. Chisos really nailed this pair and I can’t stress how good their customer service is.

Nice boots, but I think the sizing and fit is off a good bit

I have had my eye on the chisos no 5 since they came out. I was finally able to get a pair, and they are nice but the fit is way off. I have 10 other pairs of cowboy boots, and all of them are 9d or 9EE. I ordered these chisos in 9d, and I could tell as soon as I put them on they were way too tight in the instep. So I sent those back and exchanged them for a 9 1/2, I tried those on, and they were snug but I just figured that was because they were new. I have worn them for a days days now, and they are not comfortable at all due to the tightness on the instep. The insole is comfortable, and the length and width are good, but the instep is very tight, to the point of being uncomfortable. That being said it’s just really disappointing to hear so many good things about chisos, and then get a pair and have this bad experience. The only issue is the fit. Everything else with the boots is great, but if the boot is uncomfortable nothing else matters. At this point I’m not even sure what I can do since I’ve already been wearing them. Hopefully they will break in better, or else I will have to try to sell them and probably loss a lot money on them.

Won’t be my last pair!

Absolutely amazing quality, fit and comfort level is second to none. I was leery of the insole as I love traditional leather however it’s apparent Chisos did their research. The insole makes extended wear (14+ hours a day) seem like you’re wearing slippers. The craftsmanship and finishing touches are outstanding. Love the fact that they are a small US business and included a personalized note with my boots. Their snip toe design is beautiful. Cant wait to see what models they bring out in the future!

Awesome boots

Great looking, perfect fit, and wow comfortable. Plus the durability of the roughout leather makes these boots a winner all around - @tacticool_builder approved!

Chisos gave my comfort back.

My Chisos #5 at the first week I felt they the instep and the vamp is very snug and my toes has very little room for movement. Especially for my left foot. It’s about half size longer. So most shoes or boots I try I have to try it on my left foot first. Now after more then two weeks it started to take the shape and movements of my feet and I can feel that it’s getting more and more comfortable and the heel slips slowly getting less. The sole is getting softer and more flexible and I’m sure after a few more days of wearing my Chisos #5 and #1 it will be the most comfortable boots I have own. Now I just wear my Chisos. And now the belts too. Thanks Will for giving me a chance to feel comfortable in these boots of yours.

#5 Rough Out WOW!

I can't think of anything original to say about these boots that hasn't already been said. They are just GREAT! Out of the box broken in feel, size ordered was a perfect fit for me. The shaft is so soft and the stitching is great. A shame to cover it all up. The unboxing was a treat, that leather smell. Nothing like it. Boots come with storage bags, that are almost too nice to put a pair of boots in. I had been shopping the Tecovas hard, came across Chisos, continued research and was sold on the brand and Will's business mission. I like to support the smaller brick and mortar businesses (no offense Will, keep it that way and enjoy going to work every morning). As others have wrote, these will not be my last pair of Chisos (if only I could spring for the Texas Gators), perhaps a pair of #2's in the future. Please come out with the #2's in Rough Out! I'm good for the first pair! I also purchased the Rough Out belt at the same time. Exceptionally rugged and yet soft at the same time. Compliments the boots nicely. You can't go wrong with a pair of Chisos boots. Most comfortable boot I've worn. Ariats are in the back of the closet now. Keep up the fantastic work Will.


I own several pair of handmade boots but these No. 5's are among the very most comfortable. I have worn them several days, all day long and from day one they have been easy on my feet, legs and back. The rough-out style gets lots of compliments too!