Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5
Chisos No. 5

Chisos No. 5

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11" Shaft
1⅝" Heel

The No. 5 pays tribute to the Texas Longhorn and those great herds that defined the old west. Horns that reach the entire width of the boot dominate the embroidery. And the roughout leather provides full grain strength to back up the loud snip toe.

It's not suede—our roughout is made by turning a full grain hide inside-out. Wildland firefighters prefer roughout due to its ability to combat abrasions and its unique heat dissipation properties. It's our strongest and most comfortable cowhide leather.

Chisos heritage cowhides boast superior durability to juvenile leathers, and our proprietary process renders them uniquely soft. Natural variation occurs by design. Handcrafted in Mexico.

We offer refunds on like-new items within 90 days of purchase. You have up to one year to return unused items for store credit. We also provide free exchanges on all orders within the contiguous United States.

The leather soles are designed to wear out and be replaced, much like the brakes on a vehicle. Your mileage will vary depending on conditions of use, your weight, and walking style. Give them a break every other day to allow the leather to breathe. Avoid exposure to water and excess moisture. When needed, a cobbler can perform a full resole and heel replacement.

To extend the life of the leather soles, have a cobbler apply a rubber sole saver upon receipt. The uppers of your Chisos boots will last decades if you take care of them. Condition the leather about once every three months. These steps will ensure your boots are ready to hand down to the next generation.

Chisos boots fit true to size according to US shoe standards. Simply order the size that you wear most often.

For men, generally boots will match the same size you wear in dress shoes. For ladies, a half size smaller than your athletic shoes. The conversion between men's and ladies' is approximately 1.5-2 size increments. For example, a Men's 7 D is a Ladies' 8.5 or 9.

Exchanges are free in case you want to try a different size.

Heritage Leathers

A return to craftsmanship, including a traditional leather heel counter, stacked leather heel, and leather sole.

Texas Proud

Artwork that celebrates the natural beauty of Texas, with a portion of funds supporting Texas land conservation.

Damn Comfortable

Removable insoles for all day comfort and ready-to-wear ergonomics that continue to mold to you over time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Christina Tower (Texas)
Husband's new favorites

My husband has been a die hard Lucchese man for as long as I've know him.....I am pretty sure the Chios No. 5 Roughout are his new favorite! I ordered them on a Tuesday and they were here the very next day! They are so comfortable can be worn all day

James Robertroy (Tennessee)
Rookie Cowboy Boot wearer

The cadence goes that “a new pair of Jump Boots can’t be beat” well, that’s because our Greatest Generation Paratroopers didn’t have the opportunity to pull up a pair of Chisos # 5’s. I’ve never been one to just to wear boots when I had to for work, I wore them all the time. I normally wear a 9 1/2 wide or a 10 D. I had trouble with the 10’s pinching my foot Chris suggested I try a pair of 10 1/2’s (I don’t know why I never thought of that) the pinch was gone no slippage in the heel perfect! I wish I could have sampled some of the whisky at store but being a trucker that wouldn’t have been prudent. The staff at Chisos were great Will, Chris and the young lady that I’m sorry I I forgot her name were all friendly and inviting. If you make a trip to Austin Texas stop by and get a pair of Chisos. The only problem is nowhere to park a tractor trailer🤣

Ben Hulet (Texas)
Once you go snip...

Been in the market for some snip toes for a good long while now. I’d likely have gone with Lucchese if they’d had my size in the color I wanted, but it’s been months now with no restock in sight.

Been curious about @chisos for a while so I decided to pull the trigger on their No.5 in roughout. It takes a little while to adjust to the silhouette of a snip toe for the first time - that said, I wore these around the house enough to know that they were the dance partner I was looking for and now I’ve completely adjusted already.

They’re extremely well made - I’d say on par (if not better) with my Lucchese and other nicer boots I have. Enough so to fully justify the slightly higher price point than Tecovas, at least in my book.

Comfort is their pitch and to that end, they come with a very thick and soft insole, which made it almost unwearably tight on my foot but sizing up would have made them way too long. I replaced their insole with a simple flat cushion insole and I’m happy to say they’re still genuinely easy on the feet from the get-go and they stay comfortable all day.

This kind of suede really looks best when you’ve abused and neglected it so it’ll be a while before these really have the character I’m looking for, but suede is the fabric of fall and these should be just about right by the time really cold weather gets here. Looking forward to the miles I’ll put on these between now and then.

Sam McGee (Texas)
Blame it on 9 Banded Whiskey

Borracho, my dog, and I drove up from San Antonio to attend the Two Year Aniversery party. I wanted to see if there might be some rough out leather boots other than the No. 5 available. I was not a fan of the snip toe. Well, we wandered around the grounds and went in the store. It seemed to me that several people were trying on the No. 5 boots ant they look pretty good, especially if your jeans were not too faded.

Borracho and I went out on the back porch to listen to the band. Borracho met several other dogs and some young ladies. That's his job. I went over the the
9 Banded area and helped myself to and sample of bourbon and apple cider they
were offering. I noticed quite a few people were wearing the No. 5 boots and they looked pretty good. I asked for another sample of bourbon and cider and went back in the store just to try on a pair, kind of hoping they wouldn't have my size. Well they did and they also had a belt to match. After trying them on I left them on. After we had been there about two hours Borracho was ready to go home. Since it was a bit of a drive home I thought that was probably the right thing to do.

I could not believe how comfortable those boots are. I did not believe prior reviews by others who had purchased those boots. They are home now and in my daily rotation.

One more thing. Thank you Will for inviting us up for your party. What a nice group of people and dogs. Its a good dog who brings their owner out to a good party.


aka Sam McGhee .

John Utz (North Carolina)
Best boots ever

Remarkably comfortable, beautiful boots. They get tons of compliments. I was able to wear them all day right out of the box. And the construction is appreciably a cut above.

Tony (New Jersey)
Five stars for the Chisos No. 5

After checking out pics, reviews, talking in private with other Chisos owners and in-depth with Will Roman himself I decided recently to give the Chisos No. 5 a try. After receiving them the first thing you will notice is the high-class packaging. The box is unlike any other as it is a slide drawer design. Once you pull the drawer out you will find literature and a useful Chisos branded cup koozie. But what is really great is the boots each come with their own boot sack. They are heavy-duty too and useful! I even received a hand written note from Will Roman thanking me for giving them a try. Now, full disclosure, I had told Will I would be super critical of the boots. The No. 5 rough out has all the right shape of the snip toe, the right color, the right stitching, etc. total package in the looks dept. Then I put on some nice clean socks and slipped my foot in and discovered the sheer silkiness of the full leather lining, including what is the show stopper...the leather lined and bonded insoles. The boots run true to size and fit perfectly everywhere by the way. No pinch at the toes but still nicely snug across the widest part of my foot, the vamp is nicely snug at top of foot and just the slightest of heel slip. But back to the insoles. They are thick! And are not mushy soft, they are not like memory foam. Chisos insoles have what I describe as "soft, yet firm support" with a quick rebound. Just like a great pair of marathon running shoes would have. I wore them around on carpeted areas for like an hour a day for a couple weeks. Again, I wanted to try them along with some other boots I purchased before making any final decisions. At the end of the day I did decide to return the Chisos in favor of a traditionally made boot with a hard leather insole system. My reason is that although the Chisos are extremely comfortable, I found that once trying on more traditional boots that the Chisos insole was keeping me too isolated from feeling truly connected to the earth. Now this is clearly a personal preference and I don't have bad knees and actually prefer to wear low profile shoes outside of boots for example, Converse shoes with minimal cushioning. If I had a bad back or knee issues then maybe I would feel much differently. Bottom line is that the Chisos is not an inexpensive boot, but it is worth every penny if you desire the best in a high quality ultra comfort boot made with love by a small individually run Texas boot company. I highly recommend giving Chisos a try. They offer a free return policy and Will is always happy to answer any questions. I appreciate that Will wants all feedback both positive and negative to help him further refine his boots. Peace!

Robert Des Rosier (Texas)
Love the No. 5s!!!

These boots look and feel fantastic! Chisos is my only boot from here on out!

Daniel Hoenke (Michigan)
Won’t be my last pair!

Absolutely amazing quality, fit and comfort level is second to none. I was leery of the insole as I love traditional leather however it’s apparent Chisos did their research. The insole makes extended wear (14+ hours a day) seem like you’re wearing slippers. The craftsmanship and finishing touches are outstanding. Love the fact that they are a small US business and included a personalized note with my boots. Their snip toe design is beautiful. Cant wait to see what models they bring out in the future!

Ralph E (Indiana)
#5 Rough Out WOW!

I can't think of anything original to say about these boots that hasn't already been said. They are just GREAT! Out of the box broken in feel, size ordered was a perfect fit for me. The shaft is so soft and the stitching is great. A shame to cover it all up. The unboxing was a treat, that leather smell. Nothing like it. Boots come with storage bags, that are almost too nice to put a pair of boots in. I had been shopping the Tecovas hard, came across Chisos, continued research and was sold on the brand and Will's business mission. I like to support the smaller brick and mortar businesses (no offense Will, keep it that way and enjoy going to work every morning). As others have wrote, these will not be my last pair of Chisos (if only I could spring for the Texas Gators), perhaps a pair of #2's in the future. Please come out with the #2's in Rough Out! I'm good for the first pair! I also purchased the Rough Out belt at the same time. Exceptionally rugged and yet soft at the same time. Compliments the boots nicely. You can't go wrong with a pair of Chisos boots. Most comfortable boot I've worn. Ariats are in the back of the closet now. Keep up the fantastic work Will.

Matt J (Illinois)
Great boot, great people, great company

Cowboy baller snip toe and super rugged rough out leather. Wore these immediately in a Chicago snow storm- no problems. They are made to take it. I have no idea what they did to make these so comfortable but they feel soooo great even on first wear. So much so that I sold my pair of Lucchese’s on Mercari and bought my second pair of Chisos- this time a No 1 in brown. Great boot, great company and good people.