Ride On Center for Kids

A key pillar of the Chisos community is highlighting organizations that give back. One of those right in our backyard is ROCK in Georgetown, Texas. We’ve been working with ROCK for a few years and are happy to give y’all a little glimpse into what they do.

The acronym ROCK stands for Ride On Center for Kids. They also provide equine-assisted therapy for individuals with special needs as well as for veterans. Riding therapy provides unique benefits due to the interaction with the horses, their gentle, rhythmic movements, and the accomplishment that comes from bonding with these incredible creatures.

Chisos is proud to support the work they’re doing. You can find our more about ROCK at rockride.org.

Do Right, Love Texas!

ROCK is located on 60+ beautiful acres and serves an average of over 350 participants and their families every year, ROCK is recognized as a leader in equine-assisted services research..

For such a large and impressive arena the environment still feels very calm and intimate which supports the therapeutic processes available at ROCK. Participants range in age from 2 to 90+ and see improvement in most aspects of their life — from muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and balance to cognitive, behavioral, communication and emotional improvements.

Mooch gives a smile for the camera (left). Donut has a snack right before sunset (bottom right).

Mike Sander, Facilities Coordinator showing his No. 1's and leading Cowlie to the stable. Mike writes poetry in his spare time and is quite the host and dancer!

Skye giving some No. 2's a quick smell inspection.