BootSpy Covers Chisos

Boot aficionado outlet BootSpy sat down with the Chisos Founder & Chief Texan to find out what really makes Chisos different.

They even dive into Will's favorite thing about Chisos and some of the background lore that lead to the founding of the brand.

Head on over to read the full interview with Will Roman on their site.

will roman

Will Roman, Founder and Chief Texan of Chisos. My love for the great state of Texas—and my enthusiasm for cowboy boots—motivates just about all I do. On this blog, I write about community stories, local news and what goes into making the best damn comfortable cowboy boots money can buy. Y'all make it possible for our little boot shop to exist, and I and the entire team love you for it. Don't hesitate to reach out! Call or text 512-866-7222,