Largest Piñata Cowboy Boot in the World

The largest cowboy boot piñata ever produced is currently on display at Chisos Boot Company in Austin, Texas. Measuring a staggering 14ft 4in long and 31ft 10in high, the piñata takes inspiration from the popular Chisos line of cowboy boots and was handcrafted by Texas-native and Chisos Creative Director Dimitri Garcia.

Giant cowboy boot pinata

"We get a kick out of doing things a little bit different at Chisos," said founder and so-called "Chief Texan" Will Roman. "We've cut boots in half, blown 'em up—so when Dimitri suggested we build a giant cowboy boot piñata, it was an automatic green light."

While not the largest piñata ever made—that title belongs to a Carnival Cruise Lines stunt that measured over 60 feet tall—the big boot piñata is indeed the largest in its category. A feat the small business is rightfully proud of.

"It's just so big! I kind of can't believe we pulled it off," admitted Dimitri Garcia, the artist behind the giant boot. "It truly was a community effort—the whole team chipped in, our customers stopped by to help, and friends stayed up late getting it ready. Thank you to everyone for all the support! We did it!"

World's largest pinata cowboy boot

The piñata can be viewed in-person Monday to Friday during normal business hours at the Chisos store at 3507 S 1st St in Austin. Oh—and happy April Fools' Day, y'all.