Genesis Series

The complete five-part series covering the founding of the Chisos Boot Company! This behind-the-scenes glimpse walks through the entire journey of our boots from conception till they arrive at your home. Narrated via interview with our Founder and Chief Texan, Will Roman. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: "In the Beginning"

Will shares his deep appreciation for those that helped when Chisos was first struggling to move from just a concept to reality.


Chapter 2: "Worth Building"

Take a look at the Chisos handcrafted process and how our commitment to doing things the right way helps to create a superior cowboy boot.


Chapter 3: "Do Right"

We all know what doing the right thing means. Chisos is a tiny business with a might big commitment to serving our customers and the great state of Texas.


Chapter 4: "Love Texas"

It's not just part of our tagline—our love for Texas is foundation of Chisos. Everything we do is because of the wonderful culture, land and community we serve.


Chapter 5: "Community"

We know that Chisos only exists because of our community. You, our people both here in Austin and around the world, are at the heart of our little business.


Bonus: The Genesis Series Premiere Live Stream 

A recording the Genesis series premiere via a live stream. Folks from across the Chisos community joined to ask questions and hear from Will and filmmaker Dimitri directly. A fun glimpse into the personality of the people behind Chisos.

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Our love for the great state of Texas—and enthusiasm for cowboy boots—motivates just about all that we do. On this blog, we write about community stories, local news and what goes into making the best damn comfortable cowboy boots money can buy. Y'all make it possible for our little boot shop to exist. Don't hesitate to reach out! Call or text 512-866-7222 or