The Break-In Process and How Boots Age

In this video, we're going to talk about the fabled cowboy boot break-in process and how it will change the fit and look of your boots. Know what to expect after a year's worth of wear and how your boot's leather will patina.

Chapter Guide:
0:50 — New Boot Basics
1:38 — After One Year
3:06 — Maintenance Tips
4:00 — Changes over Time: Chisos Brushed Brown
5:40 — Changes over Time: Chisos Magic Black
6:52 — Changes over Time: Chisos Roughout
8:41 — Notes on Fit

Early Stages and Chisos Comfort

Even new Chisos boots, known for their shorter break-in period and immediate comfort, evolve with wear. Initially, cowboy boots are stiff due to their vegetable-tanned leather soles, insoles, and heel counters. This stiffness gives way to flexibility and shape, adapting to pressure points like a high instep.

A Year of Transformation

Over time, the leather softens, offering more give and conforming to your foot's shape. This process is not just about wear but also about how you wear them. Activities like ranching or office wear impact the break-in speed and extent.

Personalized Fit

The unique aspect of cowboy boots is their ability to mold specifically to your usage, offering a custom fit over time. This includes the Chisos comfort insole adapting to your foot's contours.

Maintenance Matters

Proper care plays a crucial role. Condition every three months and use cedar boot trees to maintain shape and absorb moisture. This care helps preserve the boot's structure as the leather softens.

Visual Evolution of Chisos Leathers

New boots showcase stiff, shiny leather full of tanning oils. With age, the leather acquires character, softens, and the sole becomes more flexible. Regular conditioning and using leather balm can restore some of the original luster. Roughout leather, a full-grain leather turned inside out, gains significant character with wear. It’s more durable than suede. Although it can be cleaned and dyed, rugged wear enhances its appeal.

Final Thoughts and Customer Support

Remember, a perfect fit out of the box isn't always guaranteed, and slight discomfort doesn't necessarily mean a size issue. Consider the boot's initial stiffness and future adaptation. For any concerns, contact Chisos for guidance or consult our community of boot owners for personal experiences.

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