The Experience of Chisos Boots

Will tells the story of old timers in Gruene, Texas and what they thought the first time they tried on a pair of Chisos boots.


I love this. Okay, so I'm going to tell a little story. We went and did a pop-up shop in Gruene, Texas which is a very old-school, think of like an old city square type environment and there are these markets that are there and old-timers and their wives are out, the ladies are shopping and they brought the husband out and he comes by and I'll give some pitch, and they just look at me very suspiciously, and I'm like, "Yeah, just try them on."

So I'll get them to sit down. They'll take off their classics, their nice boots. They'll put on a pair of Chisos. They'll stand up. "Damn." Credit ... And that's the sale. This is the thing about it. People who come into the shop and come into Chisos headquarters, they experience the difference. From the moment you pull it out of the box, the leather is thicker, it's heavier, it smells ... The sensory experience is there and we literally get phone calls of people saying, "Thank you. I was a little hesitant because of the price point but you guys gave me a deal." They're over the moon with their experience with Chisos and it's incredibly motivating.

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