Memorial Day Weekend at Chisos HQ

Thank you, Austin! Y'all came out strong on Memorial Day to raise over $4000 for the Texas Military Forces Museum. I'm proud to be a part of such a caring community.

And what a helluva show by Cowboy Diplomacy, headliner Jonathan Terrell and surprise act Chico Chico! Y'all better believe we're going to have them back for more.

Thanks to Nine Banded Whiskey, Blue Norther Hard Seltzer and Richard's Rainwater for helping make it all possible with their generous donations! Give some love to these Austin small businesses that don't hesitate to help when called upon.

And finally thank you to the vendors that joined us: Western Darlin, Kennimer Hats, Citizen's Band Silver, Travis Hallmark Photography and Nobleman's Apothecary.

Till next time, y'all. Do Right, Love Texas


Will Roman - Chisos Cowboy Boots - Austin, Texas