Chisos Launches Boots from Wild-Harvested Texas Alligator

The Chisos Reserve: Anniversary Edition Merges Conservation with Exotic Cowboy Boots

AUSTIN, TX, November 2, 2020 — The Chisos Boot Company, a Texan-owned small business headquartered in Austin, is debuting the first small-batch luxury cowboy boot ever made from wild-harvested Texas alligators. With partial proceeds supporting the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, each pair of the limited edition release will be uniquely numbered and include a pressed interior emblem: “Chisos Reserve”.

To mark the first anniversary of his boot company, founder Will Roman wanted to create something truly special. Chisos already had a reputation for high-quality, sustainable cowhide boots with unparalleled fit and comfort, but Roman upped the ante by designing a boot truly emblematic of Texas and the heritage and culture surrounding its iconic footwear.

This has been a huge adventure,” says Roman. “We’re making the only small-batch cowboy boots made from wild Texas alligator skins. We tracked down hunters, wholesalers and tanneries, and worked within the CITES (Convention International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) regulations to ensure this project contributed to the conservation of habitat. It’s important that we not only focus on sustainable practices, but also perpetuate the unique traditions and livelihoods specific to the regions that make Chisos boots possible.”

Each pair is mirror-cut from distinctive royal black alligator, all caught in Southeast Texas. A hand-carved relief of the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park forms the collar, built upon Chisos heritage cowhide uppers. Gator pulls complement either side. Instead of a logo, the heels are stamped with the shape of Texas.

The Anniversary Edition, which retails for $4,000, also supports conservation initiatives to protect alligator habitat in Texas. “Landowners are incentivized by the sale of luxury goods,” says Roman. “While the demand for leather initially put alligators on the endangered species list in the sixties, increased awareness over the last 20 years has led environmental experts to bring the animals back to a healthy population by using their leather as a model for conservation.” Chisos partnered with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, supporting the restoration and protection of alligator habitat. And the nonprofit Texan by Nature certified the conservation benefits of the project.

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About Chisos:
Chisos is a boot company on a mission to spread the gospel of Texas by creating damn comfortable cowboy boots and advocating for Texas land conservation. 100% Texan-owned small business. Do Right, Love Texas.


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