2nd Anniversary Concert at Chisos HQ

Thank you to ALL Y’ALL for supporting us in our mission to build a community that loves boots, takes care of the land, and values doing right.

The love and enthusiasm shared at our second anniversary celebration moved me and reinforced the uniqueness of the Chisos community. We at Chisos have much to be thankful and grateful for this year.

Thanks to fellow Austin small businesses Nine Banded Whiskey, Blue Norther Hard Seltzer and Rambler Sparkling Water for contributing their fantastic products. And what a show by Cowboy Diplomacy, Comanche Moon, and Paul Val!

And together we raised funds for the Big Bend Conservation Alliance. They put in the effort to preserve and protect the resources of Big Bend for us all.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Do Right, Love Texas
—Will, Founder & Chief Texan

Cowboy Diplomacy at Chisos Boot Company in Austin, Texas | Do Right Love Texas

Texas flags at Chisos HQ

Paul Val at Chisos Boot Company
The backyard at Chisos Boot Company
Team Chisos | Austin, Texas | Will Roman

Comanche Moon at Chisos Boot Company

Chisos logo

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