Chisos Partners with Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

Chisos Conservation Partners - Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

Texas land conservation is built into the DNA of the Chisos Boot Company. We're devoted to protecting and preserving the wild places in Texas.

To that end, it's with great pride that today I announce Chisos is partnering with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation! Every comfortable cowboy boot, every purchase supports their mission of stewardship, conservation, leadership and engagement with Texas' natural beauty.

These iconic landscapes define us as Texans. Together our daily decisions make a difference ensuring they flourish for generations to come.

—Will Roman, Founder & Chief Texan

Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation

Texans are known for their independent spirit and love for the land, which can be traced back to the state’s agrarian roots. Since 1991, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF) has worked to conserve that heritage.

TPWF is devoted to the conservation of Texas’ wild things and wild places, investing more than $205 million in initiatives and projects that ensure the future of Texas’s flora and fauna and iconic landscapes.

By forming partnerships with members and businesses that share TPWF’s ethos, it strengthens the organization’s ongoing efforts to safeguard these resources.

Chisos, a young boot company headquartered in Austin, has made conservation a core principle since it launched in 2019. In addition to maintaining the culture and iconography of that most Texan of footwear—the cowboy boot—Chisos pursues sustainable practices while maintaining traditional, handcrafted production methods. “We hand-last our boots and revived the old craft of channel welting,” explains founder Will Roman. “Chisos also uses no calfskin. The result is a more sustainable, small-batch process and a boot that will last for decades—the essence of sustainability.”

Through the end of the year, Chisos will donate at least one-percent of all revenue to TPWF, as well as participate in its Stewards of the Wild program, which provides new or novice hunters the opportunity to attend mentored hunts and learn how to process and cook wild game. This unforgettable experience directly supports wildlife conservation, while celebrating the hunting legacy so integral to Texas.

An avid outdoorsman, Roman has spent most of his life exploring the remote places of Texas. These experiences have shaped his life and his core values; he even named his company after his favorite mountain range in the Big Bend region. “Protecting the natural beauty of our great state is core to the very identity of being a Texan. Chisos is thrilled to support the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation and the invaluable work they do shepherding novice and veteran outdoorsmen and women alike into the wilds of Texas.”

About Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation
Since 1991, Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation has leveraged public funds with private philanthropy to advance Texas’ proud outdoor traditions and conserve our state’s wildlife, habitat, recreational areas, and natural resources. Since its inception, TPWF has raised more than $205 million to help ensure that all Texans, today and in the future, can enjoy the wild things and wild places of Texas.

About Chisos
Chisos is a boot company on a mission to spread the gospel of Texas by creating damn comfortable cowboy boots and advocating for Texas land conservation. 100% Texan-owned small business. Do Right, Love Texas.

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