Walker Wears Chisos Boots

Walker, Texas Ranger is back—and this time, he's wearing Chisos cowboy boots.

Austinite and native Texan Jared Padalecki premiered the new Walker television show this week—reimagining a beloved Texas character and setting CW channel records at the same time.

Ranger Cordell Walker looks to enforce law and order in the great state of Texas with his trusted Chisos Texas ranger boots.

We are thrilled to contribute, even in a small way, to the legacy of Texas television!

Jared Padelecki poses in his Chisos boots
Chisos boots on our favorite Ranger, Jared Padalecki. They’re as hardy as they come.

Jared Padalecki as Walker in a cowboy hat and tactical vest and arms folded at the waist

Walker Texas Ranger is always into serious business; you don’t want to mess with him

Jared Padalecki sits on a bench holding a stuffed puppet

Somebody better give our lone ranger, Jared Padalecki, a hug (aside from this stuffie)

Jared sips from a cup with a straw while sitting next to a pretty girl

We love a Texas Ranger who can get goofy just as well as he can fire a gun

Jared reads a magazine while sitting next to a Supernatural prop and some pillows

A very Texan Jared Padalecki perusing a magazine with Supernatural—a former show he starred in—on the cover? What a treat!

Which Chisos Boots Does Walker, Texas Ranger Wear?

Walker wears the Chisos No. 1's in brushed brown. They are a classic round toe with embroidery that highlights the Chisos Mountains in Texas' Big Bend National Park.

Every pair sold supports land conservation in the state. And, they are renowned for their comfort and exceptional durability.

The real-life Texas Ranger Dress Regulations state that, "Boots commonly known as western boots are required." Any self-respecting dress code should follow suit.

During the premiere, we eagerly watched for "Chisos sightings" and weren't disappointed! This is clearly going to be our new favorite show.

Jared Padalecki squats to examine handprints on a footpath
Jared Padalecki in his element as Walker Texas Ranger following clues to get the bad guys

Jared Padalecki sitting on concrete wearing a cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and denim clothes
Jared Padalecki looks as Texan as can be in his stylish cowboy boots, denim jeans, and a cowboy hat

Jared Padalecki stands next to a woman. They both have their hands raised in surrender
Walker (Jared Padalecki) and his partner know that sometimes you might have to lose the battle to win the war

A Texan Exhibits Texas Friendship

Lead actor and executive producer Padalecki ensured that Austin and Texas were showcased in the new show.

He and the production crew made special efforts to support local businesses—case in point—and to spread the positive nature of the state to audiences across the country.

Here are a few videos of Padalecki being as Texan as can be:

Jared is known for his generosity and charity efforts. Notably, he has supported To Write Love on Her Arms, which supports people struggling with mental health. We're proud that he's from San Antonio and a long-time resident of Austin.

We're big fans of Jared over here. Wishing him and the entire #WalkerFamily many seasons of success and happiness!

Jared Padalecki sits between Stella and Arlo, his two children on the Walker show
How dapper does Jared Padalecki look in his cowboy boots? Pictured here as Walker with his children, Stella and Arlo.

a poster showing Jared Padalecki will act as Walker
An advertiser's poster of Jared Padalecki as Walker Texas Ranger

Jared sits on a high chair as one woman checks his wrist and another holds up her phone to provide light
Getting Jared dressed as Walker so he can grace our TVs yet again

Jared Padalecki sits on a bench next to a woman holding a stuffed puppet
Clearly, Walker—Jared Padalecki—has happy moments on the show too!

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