Value Judgements

Will talks about how growing up wearing boots helped influence his approach to starting a small business and the value a well made pair of boots should have.


I didn't grow up in an environment where I could spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of boots. We got them at garage sales or hand me downs or secondhand places. And so when I started Chisos, having to price the boots where they are because of the cost of making them and running the business, I was a little hesitant about it.

And one of the things that's been really rewarding is these blue collar guys who save up and it's an important purchase for them, and they make the decision to buy a pair of Chisos because they know they can resole it. They can treat it well and do maintenance on it. And they'll have this boot for years, if not decades, as opposed to one that they have to throw out every year and replace it. And it becomes a part of their story.

They're proud to show off their boots and that's the most gratifying part of running the business.

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