The Year of Community

The year 2020 called on us all to adapt and grow despite the challenges the year presented. And for Team Chisos here at HQ, the support of the Chisos Community reminded us that we're all in this together. From the daily posts in our online group to the supportive phone calls and emails, your encouragement motivated us and kept everything in perspective.

Chisos is a small business, run by a very small team. Every order makes a difference to us. We cheer when they come in—we've even got a bell sound that rings to celebrate! Each means a little more support for land conservation in our great state and enables us to keep building this amazing community of cowboy boot enthusiasts.

Thank you, truly, for the difference you make in our lives.


2020 Highlights


photos on fridge at chisos hq

Probably the most excited development of the year—we opened a store for y'all! And we got to welcome so many of you over for a fire pit and a drink. People drove all the way from Dallas and Houston, San Antonio and Midland, and even from Chicago to visit! 


Revealing the truth inside boots with our first major video, Thou Shalt Not Cut Corners. This one was big, y'all.


Austin Monthly magazine named Chisos the Best Boots in Austin for the 2020 "Best of ATX" issue!


I spent a very memorable birthday chasing down boots that needed to get to all y'all!


chisos boots review

Jeremiah Craig went all out on his review of Chisos—including the portion with chainsaw-wielding artist Raul de Lara. This was such a HUGE deal in these parts!


texas parks and wildlife foundation

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation partnered with us to raise funds for land conservation and animal habitat protection.


The University of Texas' alumni magazine, the Alcalde, featured Chisos. This was a big one for me personally! Hook'em horns!


The alligator hunting trip to East Texas marks a highlight of the year, certainly. This trip was instrumental in Chisos releasing the first-ever sustainable cowboy boots from Texas wild-caught alligators. Proud of this one!


Chisos Roughout Cowboy Boots No. 5

The release of the Chisos No. 5 in our signature roughout leather. Wow, can't believe this was in 2020; feels like ages ago!


cloth masks

Partnering with local business Slow North to make masks for first responders and medical staff—paid for by thousands of dollars of donations from the Chisos Community. An especially proud moment.

Cheers, y'all.

Chisos logo

Our love for the great state of Texas—and enthusiasm for cowboy boots—motivates just about all that we do. On this blog, we write about community stories, local news and what goes into making the best damn comfortable cowboy boots money can buy. Y'all make it possible for our little boot shop to exist. Don't hesitate to reach out! Call or text 512-866-7222 or