Help Us Send Mask Covers to Doctors & Medical Staff


Every boot purchase now pays for a donation of six mask covers. Every other purchase includes a single mask cover. We also pledge to donate at least 50 mask covers per week, regardless of purchases. You may also donate directly to pay for masks (no Chisos purchase necessary).

Previously we were routing funds to Slow North to contribute to their mask-making efforts. They have stopped accepting donations, so we are pausing our fundraising efforts while we work to launch our own effort to provide masks to hospital staff.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—such as N95 masks—provide a crucial barrier for medical staff working on the front lines against COVID-19. Our country's supply is dangerously low. Doctors, nurses and medical staff are wearing their masks long past their intended period of use, often destroying them in the process. But private citizens are coming to the aid of these warriors.

Washable mask covers prolong the usability of scarce N95 masks. Hospitals and urgent care centers have approved a care mask design and are requesting them from anyone with a sewing machine. These supplemental masks can be sanitized daily and hold the appropriate filters (provided by the medical staff).

Chisos is working with the wonderful folks at Austin shop Slow North, who are donating their sewing services, machinery, and talent. They are already in production and are collecting materials to so they can keep making for as long as the supplemental mask covers are needed.

These masks will be distributed to medical facilities around the central Texas area (ERs, ICUs, urgent care clinics, etc.) who have requested them. We hope to make the biggest local impact we can with these mask covers.

If your medical facility is in need of mask covers, please utilize this link to make a request:

Thank you to the Chisos community for helping us support those who place their lives in harms way for others every day. Together we can stop COVID-19.

4/2 — Mask donations are temporarily paused as we work to find a replacement provider.

4/17 — We crossed 500 masks donated! We're up to 537.

4/10 — Another 77 mask covers this week, for a total of 487 so far! It looks like facilities are starting to close the gap on mask shortages, but we will continue to donate as long as they are needed and update y'all here.

4/3 — Y'all have helped us donate 210 mask covers this week! Fantastic!

3/24 — Mask Donations Update: It's a Good One!