How I Spent My 34th Birthday

When someone places an order with us here at Chisos, we take that responsibility seriously.

A few months ago we did a round of pre-orders. People paid ahead of time. Their boots were supposed to be delivered last week.

But the truck carrying our pallets broke down. Then customs delayed them. Finally, they got through and bound for Austin, about a three and a half hour drive away.

They didn't make it.

They got stuck in San Antonio. Another day delay. The next day, the freight company said it would be another two days. Maybe a week.

That was unacceptable.

So here's what we did: we rented a trailer and took off for San Antonio to get them ourselves.

Chisos boots loads up shipping trailer in Austin Texas

Katie called en route to have the pallets released. They said they wouldn't do it. But Katie fought her way up the hierarchy until they relented.

We rolled into the shipping depot triumphantly and loaded up the pallets of your boots! It was over 100 degrees out and we didn't care. Success!

We went to Buc-ee's to celebrate. Then drove the journey home to Austin.

The warehouse was a welcome sight. I walked up and opened the doors. And was greeted by a surprise "Happy Birthday" banner and balloons! Katie had secretly prepared them that morning.

It made the day feel complete.

The next morning, we packed and shipped out all the orders. We had held up our end of the bargain.

The Chisos Community was behind us every step of the way, too. Y'all sent us encouraging messages and cheered us on. It was really wonderful and felt like we were all in it together.

A great and uniquely Chisos birthday.

Chisos cowboy boot boxes