Boot Care Basics

So you just found the perfect pair of cowboy boots; now what? We're going to cover how to take care of them, how to store them, what kind of maintenance to expect, and tips for traveling with your boots.

How to Care for Your Cowboy Boots:
0:00 — Intro
0:30 — Daily Storage
0:50 — Cedar Boot Tree and Shaft Inserts
3:30— Travel Tips
4:49 — Cleaning
5:40 — Resoling

The Importance of Rotation

After finding the perfect cowboy boots, one essential step to ensure their longevity is to always rotate their usage. Avoid wearing the same pair two consecutive days. Our feet release sweat and oils, which means boots need time to air out and remain fresh.

Storing Your Boots Properly

When it comes to storage, select a cool, well-ventilated area, such as a closet. For those boots equipped with removable insoles, such as Chisos, it's advised to take them out when storing. Additionally, cedar boot trees are a must-have. Not only do they help maintain the boot's shape, especially the vamp, but they also absorb unwanted moisture. To prevent your boots from flopping over and losing their form, materials like cardboard, plastic expanders, or even pool noodles can be inserted to keep the shafts upright.

The Threat of Moisture

Every cowboy boot owner should be wary of moisture; it's the number one enemy, both from the inside and outside. By airing out your boots on a daily basis and making good use of cedar boot trees, the negative effects of moisture-related deterioration can be significantly reduced.

Traveling with Cowboy Boots

Traveling with your prized cowboy boots requires extra care. A simple trick is to wear them while on the plane, ensuring they don’t get damaged in the luggage. However, if you do decide to pack them away, investing in boot bags can prevent potential scuffs and dirt transfer. Inside these bags, ensure that cedar boot trees are firmly placed, and use materials to keep the boot shafts expanded.

Cleaning and Conditioning

About every three months, it's recommended to give your boots a good brush to remove dirt, apply some conditioner, and perhaps a touch of polish. This regimen will not only keep the boots looking pristine but also significantly extends their lifespan. Watch the Chisos video on how to clean and condition your cowboy boots.

Wear and Tear Maintenance

Much like the brakes on a vehicle, the soles of cowboy boots are destined to wear out over time. Therefore, it's wise to keep a vigilant eye on this wear. As a general rule, consider restoring or revisiting the boot’s condition annually, though the actual frequency depends on how they are used. If there’s visible separation between the boot's welt and sole, it's time to seek out a trusted cobbler for a sole replacement. Furthermore, it's not uncommon for the rubber heel cap to wear out before the actual leather, so replace these as needed.

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