Chisos leather patch snapback hat
Chisos leather patch snapback hat

Leather Patch Snapback

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Classic six-panel snapback hat in heather gray with a mesh back and leather Chisos patch. One size fits everyone we've ever sold one to!

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Lucas Swenson
Excellent hat for all occasions

Love this hat, it's one of my favorites and can wear it with anything. Fits well and looks good. Thank you Chisos team!

Jarrad P. (Florida)
Excellent hat

The hat is just as excellent as the boots!

Rick Kriseman (Florida)
Great hat

Great looking hat. Fits well. Not too big like some hats can be. Logo looks great.

Michael Miller (Oklahoma)
Love it

Appears to be well made. Looks great from the front Hopefully they come out with a hat made of the grey material on the front of the hat instead of the trucker plastic mesh style on the back. Overall I like it a lot, just feel the hat should be more of a premium hat given how awesome the boots and belts are.

Kevin Evans (Illinois)
Nice hat

Good, basic, no B.S. hat. Just what I like. Looks good, fits well, and is just one more reason to be a Chisos Guy all the way! I tip my hat to you Will and Katie.

Eddie Ellis (Mississippi)

Leather Patch Snapback

Awesome little snapback

I got this snapback cap November 24th, and instantly fell in love with it. The best thing about it is the denim-like material used in the bill and face of it. the close second is how they SEW ON THE LEATHER PATCH. I cannot tell you how many hats I have had in the past where the patches were glued on and they started peeling after only a few months.

I work in the automotive world either selling or installing parts and repair and maintenance of most every kind of light vehicle on the road. No matter how much rubbing up against vehicle frames, fenders, tires, and hoods, it still looks great. After about 4 months of constant use, I started to notice sweat stains coming through on the bottom edge of the face under the Chisos patch and again on the edge of the bill where I'd always grab it (usually with a grease and brake dust covered hand), but it was never overly discolored, so finally I just washed it with hot water and dish soap and a new paintbrush and just let it soak a bit, and now it looks just like new. Yes I did get the patch wet, but to avoid it drying out I followed up with some liquid leather conditioner and it looks like the day I was handed it. I can't wait until I own their whole line if this is what they put out for just a snapback.