Chisos No. 6

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9½" Shaft
1¼" Heel

The No. 6 combines classic roper features with the Chisos signature comfort insole and heritage leathers to create what might be the most comfortable boot you'll ever own. And in celebration of our namesake, cording and subtle embroidery combine to form the silhouette of the Chisos Mountains around the crown.

Chisos heritage cowhides boast superior durability to juvenile leathers, and our proprietary process renders them uniquely soft. Natural variation occurs by design. Handcrafted in Mexico.

Chisos offers full refunds on like-new items within 90 days of purchase. We also provide free exchanges within the contiguous United States.

Your Chisos boots will last decades with appropriate attention. The vamp (leather surrounding the foot) and leather shaft require only minimal care. Condition this leather about once every three months. Store in a cool, dry location and take a day off between heavy uses to allow the insides to properly dry.

The leather soles of your boots are designed to wear out and be replaced, much like the brakes on a vehicle. Your mileage will vary depending on conditions of use, your weight, and walking style. Avoid repeated exposure to water and excess moisture.

To extend the life of new soles, have a cobbler apply a rubber sole saver upon receipt. When needed, a cobbler can perform a full resole and heel replacement.

Click here to read full care instructions.

Chisos boots fit true to size according to US shoe standards. Simply order the size that you wear most often.

Generally boots will match the same size you wear in other leather footwear, or a half size smaller than your athletic shoes. If you normally waiver between two sizes, select the smaller size.

The conversion between men's and ladies' is approximately 1.5-2 size increments. For example, a Men's 7 D is a Ladies' 8.5 or 9.

Heritage Leathers

A return to craftsmanship, including a traditional leather heel counter, stacked leather heel, and leather sole.

Texas Proud

Artwork that celebrates the natural beauty of Texas, with a portion of funds supporting land conservation.

Damn Comfortable

Removable insoles for all day comfort and ergonomics that continue to mold to you over time.

Customer Reviews

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Alan Abbott (Illinois)
A matching set

I now have the Ropers in both Black and Brown. They are my go to every day boots. Great for business trips and every day wear around the house. They have broken in quickly and feel great on my feet. Walk right through TSA Pre-Check with your Chisos boots and belts…no need to remove either.

Pete S. (Île-de-France)
Best ropers I've owned

I've been through a lot of ropers over the years—all of them eventually failing because of poor build quality (and some of these from the expensive, big name companies).

From the moment I put on these Chisos, though, I could tell they were different. They feel and look solid and the comfort is incredible. After having worn them daily for a while now, I can say that quality is even more apparent.

I think I've finally found a daily-wearer that can take a beating, and look great doing it!

Beyond the boots themselves, what Will and his team have done with this company is top-notch. With great customer service, and an independent and quality-first approach, this is the kind of business I WANT to do business with (and that I will for years to come)!

P.S. I live outside the U.S., but these boots arrived on my doorstep faster than anything I've bought from back home (2 days if I remember correctly). Just icing on the cake ;)

Brice (Texas)
No. 6 - Brushed Brown

I have dysfunctional feet and need a specific boot fit that most companies don't provide. While I'm still breaking them in, the overall fit and feel is great. The insole is plush but supportive. The minimal detailing is exactly what I wanted letting the overall shape and construction of the boot be expressed instead of unnecessary stitching / coloring. On one particularly sweaty day, the red leather stained a pair of my socks (thankfully a cheap pair) - something to be aware of, but doesn't bother me and I expect it will stop over time.

Michael Utterback (Tennessee)
Great Boots Great Staff

So far I have purchased #1 brown and #6, both the black & brown. I couldn’t be more pleased, especially with the excellent service of the Chicos staff. Allison jumped through hoops to make sure I had proper fitting boots. Because of a deadline to leave the US, the boots were at my door in two days. Thanks Chisos… I love the boots!

S.D. (New York)
No. 6

Ordered a pair of size 11 D No. 6’s in brushed brown.

I have owned Dan Posts, Abilenes, Ariat and several non cowboy leather boots from Wesco, Nicks etc. so that’s ultimately what I’ll be comparing these too

Sizing: in most boots or shoes I go with either 11 or 10.5 D and 11s work well here. Maybe 10.5 could’ve worked but at the end of a long day of being on your feet the little extra toe room can make all the difference.

Comfort: not much to say other than “damn comfortable” is pretty spot on even right out of the box. Could and have worn all day no issue. The lining inside is maybe the best I’ve experienced but would recommend dark socks.

Appearance: the brushed brown is a gorgeous color. The design of the No.6 is quite simple but really well done. Perfect if you’re looking for something nice but not overly flashy. A style you can really pull off even if cowboy boots aren’t your normal wear. I will likely also try the No. 1s for the more traditional heel and toe stitching.

Leather: a soft but sturdy feeling leather. Would place above some of my previous cowboy boots noting that most other cowboys I’ve worn were rough out/ suede for more scuff and stain resistance since I tend to beat ‘em up pretty good. I will say it doesn’t feel like I’m walking around in indestructible tanks like some PNW boots but the weight and comfort is night and day out of the box. I am curious to see how these hold up over time.

My only complaint is there was a squeak in both boots which required some powder under the insert to remove. I don’t know if it was just my pair or how long it would’ve been before it went away on its own. Squeak free these boots are one of my favorites.

Overall: I would recommend. They are extremely comfortable from first wear and are beautifully designed. I would give 5 stars if not for the squeak and the fact that only time will tell if the durability matches the price point…everything else seems pretty on par.

Mike Larukie (Ohio)
Chisos boots are well made

I own them all .. except the reserves. These boots are very well made. Probably the best you will find. They wear like iron. The problem, if you consider it a problem, is these boots take forever to break in. If you have high arches it’s brutal. I used a boot stretcher on all four pairs. Sizing up is not the answer as the toe box is plenty big. Just know the boots will last. I relate a good pair of boots to a good baseball glove. The better the product the longer they last. The inserts are not bad but love they are removable and customizable.

P.K. (Pennsylvania)
try finding your size, slightly used

This is my 3rd pair of Chisos boots, but my 1st pair of NEW Chisos boots.
Normally, I hold to my hunches and stay at $400 or below for any cowboy/western boot because its a sacrifice; but these Chisos are on a different level and SO hard to find, size and style, on e-bay or elsewhere.
I have over (20) pair of cowboy boots of different brands and types. Most were purchased used and a few custom boots considered even higher end than Chisos, but none are more comfortable or well made than the Chisos. The leather is thicker, the soles are thicker and the insoles on the Chisos boots are the most comfortable, without question. You can tell the owner did design all Chisos boots with that purpose in mind. Style, fit, durability and comfort. Sure I'd like them to be cheaper than $545 but there is an old saying, "you get what you pay for" and considering this, Chisos boots are worth it. Just start saving for your next pair.
I lucked out twice on e-bay to find near-new Chisos boots and I check every day for new listings. You have to if you see them used- they will sell to someone, so move quickly.

Thomas Hursen (Pennsylvania)
Lots of compliments

Have been wearing these boots (in rough out) for about 2 weeks. I wasn't sure I would like ropers but have been loving the style and comfort. I own many pairs of different boots and these get compliments from people every time I wear them.

D.B. (Maryland)
My first cowboy boots!!!

I’ve mostly worn boots like Alden Indy’s and Viberg Service Boots over the years but I have an all new fascination with cowboy boots thanks to Chiso’s!!! They are so easy to slip on, are super stylish, and have plenty of attitude!! The roughout is so easy to pair with denim and even give me an added boost in height. I stand a lot throughout the day and I find leather soles are super supportive and breathable. I agree with other reviewers about not sizing down. I went true to size and am very happy with the fit, I have a high volume foot and I can see how going down a half size would have caused instep pain and/or pressure at the toe due to the tapered toe shape. The insert is super thick and comfortable as well, 10/10!!!! YouTube video placeholder
William Siorakes (Ohio)

Beautiful boots you can ware all day.