The Morning Story: Will Roman, Chisos Boots

Native Texan Will Roman and Chisos Boots were the subject of the Morning Story a few months ago. Host Craig Flowers is a 4th generation Texan originally from the hill country and every week he shares stories of Texans doing right.


The Chisos Mountains are located in Big Bend, Texas, and five very different peaks at different altitudes encompass one of our nation's and certainly one of the great state's most unique and profound landmarks. The Casa Grande, the Toll Mountain, Emory Peak, Ward Mountain, and the Window are the names of those five peaks that encompass the Chisos Mountains. Their elevation ranges from anywhere from 4,800 all the way up to 7,800 and some change, just a remarkable place.

Sam Houston put it best. "Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has blessed my vision" and I think he's right. Located in Big Bend National Park, the Chisos Mountains have led many to generous feats and craftsmanship while remaining stewards of the land, and that's important to know. It's not surprising at all that the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend, Texas inspires so many Texans to accomplish the extraordinary. Now from musicians, artists, historians, politicians, businessmen, businesswomen, their ideas and dreams are often realized first in West Texas and the Chisos mountains of our great state.

So with that background of the Chisos Mountains, when one hears like I did, like we did Jamie, that a native Texan, a Longhorn alum says do it right, love Texas. Well that gets our attention and one tends to read on a bit further. A 33 year old native Texan, born at Seton Hospital, Will Alexander Roman was raised in Houston. He was a young high school wrestler, star out of Klein High school. He started his college career as a Bobcat and then transferred to the University of Texas earning the degree in film before launching what he thought would be a career in technology. He ventured out to California quickly after graduating and realized, well a Texan needs to Texas. Like so many others as Dave Bailiff says, Dave Bailiff the great coach, Texans always come home.

So back to the great state. 2014 he joined a startup for about seven months before becoming a bit frustrated. Decided, you know what, I'm heading to Mexico on a life's journey to discover what I'm all about. Keep in mind back then he's in his twenties trying to figure this all out. A visit to a Mexican commune and 14 stops by the Federales, the young Will Roman kept smiling. He's got a great self-deprecating sense of humor and a humble heart, and he became even more determined to figure out what his calling was. In January 2019, this year, Will Roman quit fighting his heart, his gut, and while staring at his cowboy boots, he decided that I'm a West Texas boy, and I'm going to go do what Texans do. And I'm going to do it right.

We're going to flash ahead in the Morning Story just a bit. Roman begins tearing apart cowboy boots. Why? Well, I can personally tell you why. Because there's not a comfortable cowboy boot with a sole made in North America that finally answers what we all have thought and few have admitted. Texans want a Texas cowboy boot that fits like a glove, yes on top of the foot. Yet finally has a sole not made in China like a sneaker, but one that stands up to the demands of Texas. Will Roman, a Longhorn, he founded the Chisos Boot Company. Do right, love Texas. And he sold his first pair of boots on the 1st of November 2019, and he fully expects to sell out during these holidays and today. Shop local days, the great Jamie Frazier has reminded us.

I'd ask that you listen to this story and check out Chisos Boots.

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