The Bootmaking Journey

The Moontower Business Podcast in Austin, Texas interviewed Founder & Chief Texan Will Roman about his journey to launch Chisos, the craft of bootmaking, and how to navigate the leather capital of the world.

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  • 01:44 — What drove you to the boot industry?
  • 06:40 — Discovering boot companies cutting corners
  • 11:45 — Can you tell us about the Chisos heritage leathers?
  • 17:02 — Small batch vs large factory manufacturing in Mexico
  • 23:40 — Was it challenging to get started with all the competition?
  • 27:06 — Where did the idea for the boot designs come from?
  • 36:55 — How COVID-19 affected Chisos and our response
  • 40:38 — Jonathan Terrell official Chisos boot ambassador!

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