Block Party 2023

Behold: the Chisos community in action! Watch the video and take a look at the photos below of your 2023 Block Party celebrating Texas, boots, and other Austin-area makers.

Absolutely incredible. From near and far, y’all brought friends and your awesome energy, and made this the best Chisos party yet! Our hearts are overflowing with warmth.

We are so grateful to everyone who drove—or flew!—to attend. Thank you to all the local vendors who set up booths and helped build such a great atmosphere. A special thanks to our fellow Austin businesses that donated product to make it all possible: Nine Banded Whiskey, Blue Norther Hard Seltzer, Tito's Vodka, Independence Brewing, and Rambler Sparking Water. And the many friends who shared their coolers, brought in the stage, and lent a helping hand.

Chisos is a community-built boot brand. None of this would be possible without y'all!

Do Right, Love Texas
—Will, Founder & Chief Texan

Chisos boots block party in Austin Texas

Comanche Moon

Schultz family

Burgers on grill

Kids at fish pond

Shoppers inside Chisos cowboy boots store in Austin Texas

Backyard party at Chisos boots in Austin, texas

Cowboy Diplomacy

Dancing couple

Will Roman and mom

Chisos logo

Our love for the great state of Texas—and enthusiasm for cowboy boots—motivates just about all that we do. On this blog, we write about community stories, local news and what goes into making the best damn comfortable cowboy boots money can buy. Y'all make it possible for our little boot shop to exist. Don't hesitate to reach out! Call or text 512-866-7222 or