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No skinny dress belts here. These are 1.5" wide, 5.5mm thick. That's gun belt territory, y'all. These belts are meant to be USED.

And the best part: eight holes spaced 3/4" apart. It makes all the difference in achieving the perfect fit. (Ever had that problem where you can't quite get belt to fit right? That's because 99% of belts are made with holes a full inch apart.)

Built from a combination of vegetable-tanned and Chisos heritage leathers to match your boots. Natural variation occurs by design and no two belts are identical. Handcrafted in Mexico.

Sizing: Match the size of your pants waist. A 32" pair of jeans should be a 32" belt. If you are an odd size pants, go up to the next even size belt.

Customer Reviews

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jeffrey wommack (Georgia)

I love the belt and the quality. My buckle was on backwards but easy to fix.

Ricardo Juarez
Solid belt

Solid belt. Can be used while working or with a suit. Versatile choice. Looking forward to more color choices in the future.

MD (Illinois)
You almost have to

Look, I get it, you don't care if things match or not. But if they can, shouldn't they? The belt leather is the same fantastic quality as the boots and since they match you really should just buy the belt. Fit is generous in that when they say it's in "gun-belt territory" they're not kidding. I bought the size 2" bigger than my belly and was worried it would accommodate an IWB holster. I can say that it fits just fine for that and looks just great with or without.

Edward Pallotta Jr (California)
Belt Bolts Nightmare

Bought 3 belts. On two of them one ostrich) the bolts spontaneously fall out. Cannot be fixed because the receiving bolt is stripped. Terrible design since it appears the bolts are not securely fastened at the factory. One appears stripped at the factory. Depressing to pay this kind of money for belts and they can't be worn.

James Urban (Wisconsin)
Love my belt

Definitely well-made, a little pricey, but well worth it.

Michelle S. (Texas)
Best belt ever.

I bought this as a Father's Day present for my husband. I wasn't familiar with the sizing for men's belts, but Will helped me pick out the perfect size! He loved it and now wears it literally every day.

Juan Villagomez (North Carolina)
Suits me perfectly

Once I got this belt I immediately threw my other belt away. This belt will be my everyday wear and I have the boots to match the chisos #2 and the wallet. I just love the quality, I truly do thank every single one of you.

Michael (Tennessee)
Best Belt I’ve ever Owned !!!!!

Honestly the first belt I’ve ever tried from chisos. Wanted to match my #2 Roughouts and dude, I was Blown away at the quality of the leather and craftsmanship used to make this belt.
I’d give this belt 10 stars if I could !!!!
Knocked it out of the park chisos !!

Nathan Foster (Georgia)
Best Belt Ever

I was hesitant given the price but it's well worth it. I can help but think of my Chisos belt whenever I use my other belts. Nothing feels as solid, well made...oh and looks as good.

Andrew G. (Texas)
Oh yes! Buy the belt!

I love the Chisos boots (3 pairs so far), but I hesitated to invest in the belts. Yeah, they're not cheap, but it turns out that just like Chisos boots, they are ridiculously well-made, exceptionally comfortable, and incredibly stylish! Best of all, they match the boots *perfectly*.
Full disclosure: I have other boots and other belts (all are a distant second to Chisos!). However, every day that I wear my Chisos boots, I'm wearing the Chisos belt too!
Buy the belt(s)! You'll love it(them)!