Chisos No. 2

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11" Shaft
1⅝" Heel

The strengths of the No. 2 lie in its details: the heritage leather hides scuffs and develops a handsome patina over time. The refined square toe is subtle and unique. And the stitching is a nod to the petroglyphs in Big Bend National Park.

Chisos heritage cowhides boast superior durability to juvenile leathers, and our proprietary process renders them uniquely soft. Natural variation occurs by design. Handcrafted in Mexico.

Chisos offers full refunds on like-new items within 90 days of purchase. We also provide free exchanges within the contiguous United States.

Chisos boots fit true to size according to US shoe standards. Simply order the size that you wear most often.

Generally boots will match the same size you wear in other leather footwear, or a half size smaller than your athletic shoes. If you normally waiver between two sizes, select the smaller size.

The conversion between men's and ladies' is approximately 1.5-2 size increments. For example, a Men's 7 D is a Ladies' 8.5 or 9.



  • Heritage Cowhide Leather
  • Hand-Lasted on Chisos Signature Lasts
  • Goodyear Construction
  • Leather Channel Welt
  • Leather Heel Rand
  • Leather Interior Lining
  • Stacked Leather Heel
  • Veg-Tanned Leather Heel Counter
  • Veg-Tanned Leather Sole
  • Veg-Tanned Leather Insole
  • Removable Comfort Insole
  • Steel Shank
  • Fully Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Handcrafted in Guanajuato, Mexico

Our Best-Selling Boot

Meet the Chisos No. 2, the most popular Chisos boot ever designed. Durable and comfortable. Dress it up or down. Moving comfortably between the ranch and the city, the No. 2 is a true all-around boot.

Specifically tanned to complement the heritage nature of our leathers, each pair is hand-brushed to reveal its unique story. Natural variances in leather tone and texture ensure your boots stand apart.

And once you pull 'em on for the first time, there's no turning back.

Your Chisos boots will last decades with appropriate attention. The vamp (leather surrounding the foot) and leather shaft require only minimal care. Condition this leather about once every three months. Store in a cool, dry location and take a day off between heavy uses to allow the insides to properly dry.

The leather soles of your boots are designed to wear out and be replaced, much like the brakes on your pickup truck. Your mileage will vary depending on conditions of use, your weight, and your walking style. Avoid repeated exposure to water and excess moisture. When needed, a cobbler can perform a full resole and heel replacement.

To extend the life of new soles, have a cobbler apply a rubber sole saver upon receipt. No matter what, physics is going to win against leather soles and stitching. To slow the process, a cobbler can add some rubber to mitigate.

Click here to read full care instructions.

Heritage Leathers

A return to craftsmanship, including a traditional leather heel counter, stacked leather heel, and leather sole.

Texas Proud

Embroidery that celebrates the natural beauty of Texas, with a portion of funds supporting land conservation.

Damn Comfortable

Removable insoles for all day comfort and ergonomics that continue to mold to you over time.

Customer Reviews

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Las mejores botas

Las mejores botas, muy cómodas y muy bonitas

Ted (Washington)
Style is awesome, but sizing is WAY off.

I really, really wanted to love this boot. It's a great looking pair of boots. Beautiful style, nice design, and conceived in America although it's made in Mexico. That being said, the fit and sizing is WAY off. I normally wear a 9.5 E in most boot brands. I have a slightly wide foot and it's hard to find a single wide "E" width in most cowboy boot brands. I tried the 10D - it was so uncomfortable and painful I had to exchange. Was sent the 10EE which is a double wide. That was also painful, (but not as much) on the instep. Now I wore the EEs to work and my feet were painful from the tight instep which should have been extremely loose since it was a double wide. Not the case. I have been stretching the boots for 3 days now. I've gotten the left boot stretched, but the right is still tight. I hope I can get it right because I love the look. So buyers beware, these run SMALL and narrow - especially in the vamp and instep.

Matthew Turley (Ohio)

My first pair of boots in almost 30 years and these do not disappoint. Been wearing them non stop over the last few weeks but honestly they were VERY comfortable out of the box. Will be ordering another pair soon!

Alejandro Aguilar (California)

I absolutely love my chisos #2 in magic black. From the first step into them I fell in love with the fit and feel of the leather lined insole. I love them so much in fact that I may need to buy a 2nd pair to roate because I just never want to take them off. I have danced several hours of banda with them and fell asleep with them on after the party thats how great they are. The black got alil scuffed up on the sole So I purchased some black leather sole dye and they are brand new again. I was abit nervous as to the sizing but just went with the same size I wear with my sneakers and fit was perfect enough room to wear thicker socks in the cold but not so loose that I cant wear my regular camel city mills. Chefs kiss to chisos boots

Mike E. (California)
Most comfortable boots I own!!!

I know its mentioned in reviews before, but dang, these are, hands down, the best fitting and most comfortable boots I own. I do enjoy my Lucchese, but I don't use them other then "Sunday go out" wear. My Chisos on the other hand, I'm not worried acutually wearing them in a ranch setting, then cleaning them off and heading out to dinner. If one is going to own one pair of boots, I'd say that Chisos is the best value for the money.

Jerry K (Ohio)
Great Boots and I am really impressed!

Great looking, great fit and finish, great stitching, high quality build, but more importantly, great FITTING pair of boots! The best fitting pair of boots right out of the box. Very true to size and I knew has soon as I "thumped" them on that these were going to be my favorites. These fit better than any of my Ariat Bench Made, Tecovas or Double H boots. These #2s broke in very easily, and remain super comfortable. I love the Chisos craftmanship and business model and look forward to my next pair.
Question for the Chisos team...Any chance of an American Bison leather offering in the future? I'd love to see (and buy) a pair of those!

SteveFromCanadaBC (British Columbia)

SOME BACKGROUND: I’m new to western boots. Previously, I bought a rather low end Ariat boot (size 8.5 D) which was made in China. I thought the boot was OK until I developed corns on my foot. Even though vendors say Ariat fits true to size, I think it really depends on the actual model due to quality control issues. Disappointed, I searched around, and found Chisos online after watching a LOT of videos about the product.
BUYING A CHISOS BOOT: From Canada, I gambled and bought a pair of #2 (size 8.5 D) after a few emails to the company. Because I’m not in the US, I had to pay for shipping to Canada. This extra fee didn’t bother me, but I was concerned that if I continuously needed to ship the boots back to the US in order to get another pair, the shipping costs would add up.
MY IMPRESSIONS: When I opened the box, I noticed that Chisos put in a free thin insole with the boot. This was a very nice gesture because my feet has a low profile. The extra thin insole served as extra padding to reduce the volume of the boot for my feet. Even without the extra insole, I could feel a better fitting than the Ariats when my foot went inside the boot. The fit, finish, and comfort was literally another level. I knew that with a little break in time, this would be a perfect fit.
BREAKING IN PROCESS: Because the boot came with a boot sock (i.e. a cloth bag), I wore them around the house with the boots. I started slowly, and let my feet rest in between days. I also wore a thin wool sock. To be honest, there wasn’t much of a break in period with Chisos. Because of my painful experience with Ariat, I was very afraid of getting another corn. To be honest, because I already had a corn from the Ariat experience, this delayed the break in process with Chisos (i.e. the corn hurt my foot whenever I wore any footwear - including Chisos boots). So, I had to remove the painful corn with some over-the-counter remedies before I could complete the break in with Chisos. This was no fault of Chisos because the corn came from Ariat. The funny thing was that even with a corn, I could feel that my feet felt better (i.e. less painful) wearing a Chisos boot than Ariat. This speaks to the softness and great fitting (and foot last) used by the Chisos for their #2 boot.
IMPRESSIONS: Now that I’m wearing my boots outside, I can say that the comfort is great. My friend said his pair of traditional cowboy boots wasn’t great for walking around. I told him that my boots were rather comfy, and I didn’t have an issue walking 2 or 3 miles in them so far. This speaks to the modern construction (e.g. thick shank, thick insole, …) of my boot.
FINAL THOUGHTS: I love my boots! (Heh. Someone should make a song with that phrase.) After watching some more Chisos videos, I bought cedar shoe trees and balm to make my boots last. Moreover, I take out the insoles on days that I’m not wearing the boot to air out any moisture. I also learnt this nice maintenance trick from a Chisos video.
OTHER NOTES: When I first bought my “made in China” Ariat boots locally, my picky wife was laughing at them. She didn’t like their shape and style. Now, she’s jealous when she sees my nice leather Chisos boots. (As a joke, I keep telling her to smell my boot’s vege tan leather when it permeates the air in the car). Also, when I brought my boots to a local cobbler to add a rubber half sole (i.e. sole protector), even the experienced cobbler said the boots were well made. Oh… by the way, anyone interested in a bad pair of Ariat boots (size 8.5 D)? The foot corns come free.

Michael Bronte (Georgia)
So unique!

The boots are such a unique combination of excellent craftsmanship and style. From the supple leather and design of the heels and comfort. I’m very picky about my boots, and I’ve found my go to brand. I have the Black and Brown, can’t decide which is my favorite. Keep up the great work Chisos!

Anthony Green (Oklahoma)
Chisos are the best

Chisos has great customer service first of all and there boots are very comfortable the best boots I ever had on my feet and I'm getting another pair in a few months I recommend these over any other brand of cowboy boots they are just not in the same league as chisos. I love my number 2's I wear them everyday.

Matt (Texas)
Best Boot I have had on in a long time

This boot fit true to size and was very comfortable from the start no break in period. I wear a 11EE width and it was perfect for me.