Do Right,
Love Texas

Benefiting PeopleFund's COVID-19 Response

Support Texas Small Businesses

Do Right, Love Texas®. A rallying cry for those who call our Great State home. Those that believe that doing the right thing is nonnegotiable. That values matter. And that it's our responsibility to take care of our neighbors when the need arises.

In that spirit we partnered with Found Marketing to launch a campaign for local Texas businesses. 100% of profit of DRLT apparel goes to the COVID-19 small business relief effort administered by PeopleFund in Austin.

It pains us every time we see a local business fail. This is a small way to help owners across the state keep those beloved small businesses open for those that rely on them.

Do Right, Love Texas®, y'all.

Are you a town looking to support your local businesses?

Reach out to us using the form below to commission a shirt for your city as part of the “Do Right, Love Texas®” campaign. We will direct all proceeds to benefit a local charity of your choosing.

Found Marketing