How to Clean & Condition Your Chisos Cowboy Boots

Here's is all you need to know to make your comfortable cowboy boots last for decades! Often new Chisos owners ask what's the best way to take care of their investment, so throw out all those chemicals and fancy techniques, and let's dive into how to properly clean and condition your boots. It all boils down to the classic horsehair brush.

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Jump to highlights:

  • 1:12 — Using a horsehair brush to remove dirt
  • 1:48 — Secondary brushing for mud removal
  • 2:52 — Air out your boots
  • 3:10 — Applying conditioner to cowhide
  • 4:25 — Conditioned boot vs dirty boot
  • 4:37 — Do you need to let your boots dry overnight?
  • 5:15 — Cleaning schedule, how often should you clean your boots

Checkout our updated video: How to Clean and Condition Leather Cowboy Boots

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